Month: July 2012

DIY: Melted Bracelet

Materials: Plastic cover of any container or a plastic bottle Scissors Match/Candle (not shown in the picture) Rope (not shown in the picture) Step #1. Cut a strip from the plastic cover. Step #2. Melt the plastic strip until desired look is obtained. CAUTION: do this in a well ventilated area. Step #3. Cut the desired length of the melted plastic and cut 2 hole on either end. You could do anything with it by now. You can make it into a pendant, brooch, etc. For me I made it into a bracelet. Also you can use other materials for the bracelet like chain, leather, etc. Step #4. I just tied a rope on either end and just tied a loop on one rope and a knot on the other to make a simple lock for the bracelet. VOILA!!!