Month: September 2012

My Fairy Hobmother

Pre-defense showcasing has been successful, and I am happy about it. But I still worry since I need to pass the final defense for my course requirement. I am glad that Fairy Hobmother visited my site. It was a nice surprise after long weeks of preparation for the pre-defense showcasing. Fairy hobmother rewarded me a 60USD Amazon voucher for the hardship and dedication that I am putting on my blogs. That is his mission: To give every blogger the rewards they deserve for they earned points on hard work. What an awesome and generous mission that is right? He’s that fairy that every bloggers need and like. I am thanking him for the reward. If you guys wanted to be visited by him, you can leave a comment in this blog post because I am sure he’ll be visiting this. You might be the next lucky blogger. Or you can stalk him on Twitter and visit his fairy overload also, Appliances Online.