Month: September 2015

Happy Birthday, Satchmi!

Satchmi celebrated their special day with free food, coffee, drinks, alcohol, music, and fun! MANDALUYONG, Manila – September 26, 2015 — The Satchmi Store was packed to the brim for their 1st birthday. A celebration of Satchmi’s love for records, music, and the lifestyle they cultivate together with their community of friends and loyal customers. It’s no surprise when we saw people pouring in from all directions to the store. When you step in, it’s as if you’re in another world separated from the mall itself. There was free food courtesy of Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop, their highly talked about Cebuano along with chips and dip filled everyone’s appetite throughout the event. In tandem was Mrs. Graham’s macarons straight from her cafe, specially made for the event complete with vinyl record designs and plating. Their Apple Pie Soda was also served during the party as well as Craftpoint’s Summer Sessions. All free aside from Satchmi’s esteemed third wave coffee. People got to experience fun and games throughout the event like spin the wheel with prizes …

The Sunday Currently | 01

I’ve been missing the way we bloggers used to write our entries on our blogs. We used to write posts about everything personal, tag co-bloggers for chain-topics, give awards, send GIFs as gifts, and exchange banners and blog comments. Nowadays, most of the bloggers make blogs to earn money. Only a few bloggers stick with diary style.


! My name is Clint, and I’d like to (digitally) welcome you to my website! I am a blogger based in the Philippines. I am a Pisces, an INTP-T, and the eldest child. I sing in the shower and I have bad eyesight. Want to say hi? Feel free to drop me a line anytime at! Alternatively, I am on Twitter @clintmamuri! Can’t wait to chat 🙂

How to Achieve Healthy Looking Hair

  “Your hair is your crowning glory…” One thing that people first notices on a person is their hair. Keeping it looking healthy can make you physically look better, as well as gives you more confidence and self esteem. But how can you achieve healthy looking hair? Here is a list I gathered for you guys. Don’t Over Style “Wearing tight styles like braids, ponytails and top knots can lead to your hair falling out.” says Nadeem “Especially when wet, human hair is around three times weaker so refrain from over-brushing, which can cause snapping. It also helps to let hair dry naturally before styling.” Eat More Fish “A lack of protein in your diet can lead to your body rationing what you do have, by shutting down hair growth.” says Nadeem “There are lots of sources of protein, from fish to eggs, cheese, yoghurts and meat. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, beans, peas, lentils, soya products and nuts are good options.” Don’t Over Apply Heat on Hair “Avoid using heat on your hair. Heat …