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10 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Get Rid of Social Media Addiction

You log in to Facebook to take a quick peek and then you find yourself looking at another person’s vacation album with 200 photos. It’s time to put a top on this habit, reclaim your precious time, and get yourself on the right track once again. Here are 10 ways to help you get rid of social media addiction stat:

1. Realize it is a real problem.

The first step is to admit you are addicted to social media. This will help you understand that anything you’re addicted to is unhealthy.

2. Stop push notifications.

Science has actually proven these push notifications aren’t relevant to your happiness and health.

3. Do other things.

When boredom strikes, we often find ourselves several photos deep in someone else’s Instagram account or Twitter posts. There are other things to do, such as read a book, discover new hobbies, or even take up an online course.

4. Stop following trends.

Having a Snapchat, Pinterest, or Tumblr account is quite trendy these days. But most people create these accounts because it’s what their friends do.

5. Know what you’re missing.

You spend hours and hours on social media sites and you eventually miss out on more important things like bonding with your family and friends.

6. Get some sleep.

Most people lose sleep because of too many social networking activities. If you find yourself not enjoying sleep, make your bedroom more comfortable and relaxing. Start with your mattress. For instance, if you’re bothered by the poking coils from your spring mattress, perhaps it’s time to switch to another mattress type that’s more suitable for you.

7. Have other obligations.

You can’t beat your addiction by watching more TV. Have other productive things to do, such as coaching a kiddie sports team or volunteering at a local food bank – anything that will keep you busy. 

8. Limit social media use.

You can use an alarm clock or your phone (although it is recommended you stop using your phone as a timer or a digital watch) to restrict the amount of time you spend on networking sites. You can also use an app that will lock you out of these social media sites.

9. Socialize in real life.

Talk to and meet other people. Gain new friends to make connections with real people – which is much, much healthier.

10. Try to stop for a week.

See what happens if you log out of social media for a week. Take this time to do other tasks and reconnect with your friends.

Social media is something that will not go away easily. It is what we now use to gain information and explore the content of other people. There’s nothing wrong with it, but addiction can be prevented by consuming our time spent on viewing our feed by being mindful of what we post, like, and share.

How often do you use social media?



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