Year: 2012

A Holiday Gift Guide from Macy’s

Have you ever experienced walking into a mall, say a department store and finding yourself lost and clueless of what to buy? Take Santa Claus for example, going down the chimney on Christmas Eve and doesn’t know what to put under the Christmas tree, wouldn’t that be somewhat disappointing? But fear not, Macy’s has put together a holiday gift guide is the answer to all these with thousands of great, unique gift ideas for any and all of your loved ones! It’s been always the best way to do shopping if you have a list prepared even before you set out for the mall. As the military and tactical department of the good guys in the federation say: “Knowing is half the battle”, it would greatly help if you already know what you’re up to, thus saving time, effort, energy and the stress you’ll be avoiding by just having a list! How convenient could shopping be? This year, Macy’s will help you come up with your personal and customized list. It’s like being Santa, but without the white beard …

DIY: Melted Bracelet

Materials: Plastic cover of any container or a plastic bottle Scissors Match/Candle (not shown in the picture) Rope (not shown in the picture) Step #1. Cut a strip from the plastic cover. Step #2. Melt the plastic strip until desired look is obtained. CAUTION: do this in a well ventilated area. Step #3. Cut the desired length of the melted plastic and cut 2 hole on either end. You could do anything with it by now. You can make it into a pendant, brooch, etc. For me I made it into a bracelet. Also you can use other materials for the bracelet like chain, leather, etc. Step #4. I just tied a rope on either end and just tied a loop on one rope and a knot on the other to make a simple lock for the bracelet. VOILA!!!


I was inspired by Honestly WTF to make my own version of her Hex Nut Bracelet. Well, a super different look. I decided to make a double wrap bracelet and use the nuts like beads. I really, really love the results. I hope you try it yourself and be creative about it. Continue reading for the tutorial. Materials: 1.Nylon Rope (1 1/2 yard) 2.Hex Nuts (I used 6-Sided Nuts) 3.Scissors 4.Yarn (Optional) Just follow the steps above. I hope you guys understand. It’s very simple. 1.Take the nylon rope and bend it in half. Make sure that it will wrap 2 times on your wrist. 2.Take the frayed end of your rope and tie a knot. 3.Then tie another knot where you want to place your hex nuts. 4.Slide in the Hex Nuts and repeat step 3 until you get your desired design. 5. Then use the yarn to embellish your bracelet. (Optional) Voila….your very own Double-Wrap Bracelet DIY source:

Blogger Interview: Zirjaye Santos

BLOG | PORTFOLIO | LOOKBOOK | TUMBLR | TWITTER | FACEBOOK Do you remember when you first became interested in fashion? The earliest memory of how fashion started to exist in my entity (and of what I am now) would probably when I started playing around with my clothes during high school. I really wanted to be different ever since. But unfortunately I wasn’t raised with a well-off kind of lifestyle. So I needed to exert more creativity ad effort on how I could flaunt my look. That time I still wasn’t aware of D.I.Y.s (Do It Yourself as we call it in Lookbook.)

Blogger Interview: Karl Philip Leuterio

BLOG | CLOTHING LINE | LOOKBOOK | CHICTOPIA Do you remember when you first became interested in fashion? Like really really interested? I think its in the year 2009 when I joined online fashion wardrobe sites like Chictopia and Lookbook. It was reaffirmed all the more when I attended Philippine Fashion Week. I was greatly amazed. I told myself that one day I’ll be part of this circle. Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging. I was a nurse for 3 years. It was a fun job but everyday seem repetitive. I was bored so I needed an outlet. Right now I’m into designing. I have a clothing line named PARADIGM SHIFT ( with my good friend , Mike. Also, I design RTW (ready-to-wear) shoes for a local brand Gold Dot. It’s now available on Solestruck.  I love reading blogs… fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, etc. and when you are an enthusiast, you begin to wonder and dream more. Can I blog too? Can I write interesting things that readers would appreciate? So I started mine. I can say that blogging has become …