Month: May 2012

Knit Silk Pants for Men

Sleeping is essential to human beings, and we always wanted to have the best sleep every time we go to bed.  This is achieved by having the best bathe, room scented with floral aroma or what you desired, and of course, an underwear or loungewear that gives you a 100% comfort. These can easily be attained, but what underwear is best to wear. I believed knit silk pants are the best attire to wear for the perfect sleep. EdenFantasys.Com offers a collection of 100% silk underwear and loungewear. These knit silk pants are in brightly colored garments featuring contour style and breathability, and are ever so soft to the touch that gives you the ultimate comfort. These pants are not just for sleeping, but also best for a romantic date. If you guys wanted to have this knit silk pants, you can visit EdenFantasys.Com and explore the products that they offer like sex toys, lingerie, books/DVDS and much more.

Blogger Interview: Zirjaye Santos

BLOG | PORTFOLIO | LOOKBOOK | TUMBLR | TWITTER | FACEBOOK Do you remember when you first became interested in fashion? The earliest memory of how fashion started to exist in my entity (and of what I am now) would probably when I started playing around with my clothes during high school. I really wanted to be different ever since. But unfortunately I wasn’t raised with a well-off kind of lifestyle. So I needed to exert more creativity ad effort on how I could flaunt my look. That time I still wasn’t aware of D.I.Y.s (Do It Yourself as we call it in Lookbook.)

Why Use Thermal Clothes?

When taking on the cold you need to be sure to gear up properly if you’re going to be comfortable, warm and safe. Whether you are working in the cold, playing outside or travelling, the proper clothing is always vital in colder climates.  Many people choose to ‘layer up’ to combat the cold weather and though this is an effective method to keep you warm it can result in quite bulky clothing which can be impractical and unflattering.  Thermal clothing on the other hand is not only great for keeping warm in colder climates  but it is so effective at keeping an individual warm and comfortable that they don’t have to resort to lots of layers. This is because the material used in this type of clothing absorbs body moisture, dries very quickly and helps to normalises body moisture efficiently, thus helping to keep an individual warm.  If you want to find out more about thermals has a wide a variety that come in various ‘grades’ meaning no matter what climate you are in you will find thermals …

Ways in Which a Rolex Shows Your Class

When you see someone wearing a Rolex watch, you usually think that they have tons of money and are probably pretty high-class. Well wouldn’t you want to look like that? There are a ton of well crafted Rolex watches in the world and are steadily increasing due to their fantastic quality and ever-increasing value, along with tons of Rolex buyers. Rolex has been a household name for quite some time and will continue to be well into the future. This is for a good reason. Rolex watches are extremely high quality and take a good amount of time to make. Not only that, but even though they are sought after so frequently, there is usually a waiting list period of about 5 years before you can even purchase the one that you may want. This is not the case for every model, but rarer ones often come with an extended time waiting list. But don’t let that stray you, there is a good reason for waiting for so long. Rolex watches cannot be compared with …

Best Work Clothes for Men

Physical work is so much more difficult than working at a desk, a computer or even in a retail or food service. That’s why; people working in this kind of work should know the best work clothes for doing physical work. Here is a list of best work clothes for men: Leather Work Boots. Work boots are the most important of the best work clothes because they will help you refrain getting your feet sore. Leather gloves or at least a few pairs of heavy canvas gloves. Heavy pants or jeans. Carhart is the best. These pants should not be tight. Leather belt. Colored cotton t-shirts. Do not wear white t-shirts since it gets dirty right away. Wear grey ones that are decent enough. Lightweight t-shirts are best.  Cotton is still the best. Long sleeve t-shirts. These shirts go over the short sleeve t-shirt in cold weather. Button down flannel or chamois shirts. Hooded pullover or zippered fleece sweatshirt. A durable light coat like denim or heavy cotton or heavy denim or cotton coat in …