Year: 2017

Photo Diary: Baguio

Friday, June 23 5 AM We arrived Friday morning in the cold air of Baguio and went to our hotel to see if we can check-in earlier than schedule. Negative. Meaning we have to wait until 2 PM considering we arrived as early as 5 AM. We decided to leave our luggage in the hotel and started roaming around in the City of Pines. 8 AM: Laperal White House and Teachers Camp It was my first time to visit some of the haunted places in Baguio. I used to pass through these two places but haven’t got the chance to see them up close. As early before lunch, my friends and I decided to visit Laperal White House and Teachers Camp. These places gave me chills, tbh. 11 AM: Cafe By The Ruins Dua Before heading back to the hotel, we decided to have our lunch at Cafe by The Ruins. At first, I thought we’re heading to the original branch but we went to Dua in Upper Session Road instead. Well, I didn’t know …

Create a Back-to-Top in Squarespace

There are times I get lost reading a blog because it is just too long. You get at the bottom of the page and realized that you need to go a long way back up. If you want your readers to easily do it, you may use this simple tutorial for your website or blog running on Squarespace. Beginners will definitely follow along easily on this tutorial.

So… I Made the Switch from WordPress to Squarespace x Giveaway

Blogging has been part of my life since high school. I remember going to a computer shop every day that was located kilometers away from our house in Laguna, in order to update my blog. My first blog was on WordPress. I have tried other platforms like Blogger, Tumblr and Multiply but didn’t really went well for me. I was more of a WordPress guy. But now, I made the switch from WordPress to Squarespace. Why did I make the switch? Here are my reasons. “Squarespace, welcome to your tape (Hannah Baker?)”. Lol 14-day Trial for Paid Services (No Credit Card Required). You get to try the platform with all it’s paid services without paying a cent for 14 days. At this period, you will be able to determine if Squarespace is for you. Just sign up and get started. Easy Blogging Platform. What I love about Squarespace in regards to writing a blog post is you get to see a live preview of what your post will look like while writing. You no longer need …