Month: June 2017

Zillable Disrupts Enterprise Social Networks with the Launch of Collaboration and Innovation Platform

Zillable launches a secured collaboration and innovation platform that consolidates familiar productivity and collaboration apps for teams of any size. LOS ANGELES, Calif. — June 1st, 2017 — Zillable™, an innovator in collaboration and innovation, unveils the world’s first collaboration and innovation platform specifically designed for forward-thinking teams and enterprises of 10-10,000 members to collaborate and innovate on any device and from any location. Productivity and innovation tools, such as boards, mind mapping, chat, and newsfeeds, are ordinarily one-off apps created by various developers. Zillable offers the enterprise a suite of integrated collaboration and innovation tools on a single platform, specifically designed for organizations to realize new value from diverse employees working across departments and time zones, and to be responsive to disruptive markets. ­­­ “Zillable is like your digital coffee shop where teams collaborate and innovate – seamlessly at ease,” Andrew Pham, CEO and Founder of Zillable explained. “The enterprise can create private collaboration networks that dissolve departmental silos and streamline the way employees get stuff done, innovating faster.” Public communication channels may also …

A Simple Guide in Buying Your First Drum Set

Buying your first drum set might be an intimidating task. Drums have a lot of components and thinking of this would be very confusing for a beginner. Let me share this simple guide in buying your first set. Don’t buy new and all-in set. Buy cheap old drums in good condition because they last longer. Focus on the essentials. I recommend buying at drum set because they are proven in selling at the lowest prices of good quality drum sets.

How to Keep Your Kids Busy During Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays is coming and it is approximately from July 24 to September 1. Kids would be spending more time at home unless you keep them busy. If you think your child has an interest in music, you should ask your child if he wants to learn to play musical instruments like guitars. If so, as a parent, enrolling him into music workshop and buying the instrument he needs are required. At Guitar Center, kids guitar are being sold at the lowest prices and best selection for beginners. So before summer break occurs, ask your children what they want to do during the holiday break so you could prepare them in being busy during off-school.