Month: January 2018

Mixtape Vol. 1 📼

Starting this year with a new series on my blog— Mixtapes. I have seen other personal blogs sharing their playlists, so why not do the same. And besides, it is a way of adding content. Lately, I’ve been listening to songs sung by females. I’m using Spotify as my playlists database. I hope you like it, and if you do, share it!

The Sunday Currently | 05

It’s been a long time since I last blogged about my Sunday. And since I wanted my 2018 to be always updated with posts, I will make sure I have something to post every Sunday, preferably The Sunday Currently series. Writing this post, I am seated in the back corner of a cafe. I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon here while working on some emails and watching Grey’s Anatomy. It is actually my first time to be here in Coreon Gate Cafe in Pasig. I usually visit their Makati branch. Their Pasig branch is bigger and nice. Currently Eating Corned beef and fried egg meal for me. And a milkshake. I wanted Mang Inasal today because I am starving but I don’t think there is a near branch here. Better than nothing and an empty stomach. Listening/Watching I am watching Grey’s Anatomy 13. I have found this Chrome extension thingy where I can float my Chrome browser window where Netflix is open. Who’s multitasking? Me! I started watching GA from the start of the …

✨ Thank you, 2017! Hello, 2018! ✨

Hey you guys! I’m back after a long time of not able to blog about personal stuff. I’m doing fine if you guys are asking. Work has been pretty stressful lately not because of the heavy workload, but I’m kinda getting sick more than the usual. I think it is because I work at night, and I have been working at this kind of schedule for the last three years now or so. Today marks another year to start in accomplishing our new set goals and to give thanks to everyone who has been part of our 2017. Here is a blog post to reflect my 2017. I am grateful for the past year because of new experiences and the people who have been a part of it. To others, my highlights aren’t that big, but this is just the right amount for me to say that my 2017 was awesome! 2017 Highlights 🌻 first time to ride on a plane and visit a beautiful beach ✈ 🏝 went to Baguio twice (1st, 2nd) ❄ my …