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3 Easy Steps to Finding the Most Comfortable Shoes for Men

Looking for the most comfortable shoes for men is easy for you should only consider three factors before buying. One of the most essential things to watch out for that most people forget to think about is the arch support of the shoe. Everyone has dissimilar arches – yours may be high, normal, or flat. There are three easy ways to find this out if you are in doubt.

First is doing the “wet paper test.” How to this test? Put down a piece of paper on the floor and step in a bucket of water or bathtub to get your foot wet. Place it down on the paper and look at the shape. A normal arch will have some water on the paper where the ball of the foot and heel connect. Higher arches have no or very little water here, while flat arches have no dry space between the ball and heel.

Second is getting the right fit. Everyone ought to know their shoe size. If you are often wearing shoes that feel bumpy, it could be as simple of a fix as to getting measured and discovering out your real size. Some people are wearing shoes that are too big, causing their feet to unusually move in ways to keep the shoes on. Others are wearing shoes that are too small without even recognizing it, causing excessive pain in the toes and/or heels.

And lastly, the third factor is buying quality shoes. “You get what you pay for” is absolutely true when in terms of buying shoes. You can’t expect to get a truly relaxed pair unless you are enthusiastic to pay for quality. That doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your wallet to find a great pair, though. The most comfortable men’s shoes can be high quality and affordable.


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