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A Holiday Gift Guide from Macy’s

Have you ever experienced walking into a mall, say a department store and finding yourself lost and clueless of what to buy? Take Santa Claus for example, going down the chimney on Christmas Eve and doesn’t know what to put under the Christmas tree, wouldn’t that be somewhat disappointing? But fear not, Macy’s has put together a holiday gift guide is the answer to all these with thousands of great, unique gift ideas for any and all of your loved ones!

It’s been always the best way to do shopping if you have a list prepared even before you set out for the mall. As the military and tactical department of the good guys in the federation say: “Knowing is half the battle”, it would greatly help if you already know what you’re up to, thus saving time, effort, energy and the stress you’ll be avoiding by just having a list! How convenient could shopping be?

This year, Macy’s will help you come up with your personal and customized list. It’s like being Santa, but without the white beard and the cap. If you are looking for gifts for mom and dad, husband, wife, kids, other relatives and neighbors  this Holiday Gift Guide will help you check everyone off your list.

White Christmas indeed is a Winter Wonderland, but it’s not that wonderful if you don’t have the right clothes to wear, not just to show your style but above all protect yourself from chills and colds. This is a basic, important and perfect gift for the whole family – from husbands, to wives, kids and teenagers; everyone could use a great coat. You can also consider buying sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves. And for cozy nights, pajamas, robes and slippers are a must have and are also great for family gifts. Cold-weather boots like riding boots or booties; flats, pumps and sneakers would also make a good gift!

For women, a handbag could make a great present! A makeup gift set with everything that she needs in one kit is also one of the best gifts you can give to a woman. And what would be more heart-warming for a woman if she receives jewellery? A fantastic choice of a set of gold, sterling silver and diamonds could bring her a Happy Holidays!

For men, tech accessories and electronic gadgets are perfect! A set of clothes for his work, sports, and weekends would also make a great gift, along with handsome accessories like ties, belts, business cases, watches, wallet or sunglasses.

A festive home decor is a must! Ornaments, collectibles for decoration and gifts are also on top of the list. It is also best to know who you’re giving the gift to: glassware, dinnerware and serveware for those who always like to host parties, kitchen electrics, gadgets, cookware and bakeware are perfect for kitchen lovers. A collection of vases, bowls and candlesticks from Haiti and Rwanda could make a great present for just about everyone! Towels and bedding, sheets and pillows, comforters and blankets are home basics and could make wonderful gifts, too!

These are just one of the many tips and guide for Christmas shopping. Were you able to think of gifts and list it down? Don’t waste any time, start now!

Do you need a bit more guidance? Check out customers’ top 10 gifts in the Holiday Gift Guide; you’ll find the top 10 in every category. Shopping on a budget? To find a great deal, search for gifts under a certain price or shop Macy’s Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday sale.

Happy shopping and season’s greetings!

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