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How to Add a Custom Pin It Button to WordPress

Recently, I started working on my Pinterest account to grow email subscribers and traffic on my blog. I came to this idea after I joined Melyssa Griffin’s webinar on 3 Ways to Use Pinterest to Dramatically Grow Your Traffic + Email List. Well, there are a lot of tutorials out there on how you can a custom pin it button to your WordPress site, but now I’m sharing quick steps on how you can easily pin your posts to Pinterest.
Please note that this tutorial should work with any of your WordPress themes.

Install the jQuery Pin It Button For Images Plugin

On WordPress, go to Plugins > Add New and search for jQuery Pin It Button For Images. Install and activate the plugin by Marcin Skrzypiec.

Configure the Settings

There are four tab settings you can play with the plugin, but I won’t be going over all of them. On WordPress, go to Settings > jQuery Pin It Button For Images.

On the first tab called Selection, you may want to just change On which pages the “Pin it” button should be shown. I set mine to [single],[page] only since I don’t want my readers to get annoyed with this plugin showing on my front page. Let’s just stick with posts and pages. However, you can choose to set this setting however you like.

Next setting is located at the Visual tab where you can choose the custom pin it button image you want to appear on your blog, and how you want it to appear. I set mine to show at the top right of the image and set transparency to 0.2.

That’s it! Don’t forget to save your changes and check how this works on your site.

Are you using a custom pin it button on your site? Share in the comments below, I’d visit your site and check it out.


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