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All the Life Lessons Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Taught Us

Netflix is finally here in the Philippines, and a huge number of people are excited and are registering to get their streaming service. However, only 7% of Netflix shows are available in the PH as of now. You kind of need to use VPN to trick Netflix that you’re in a different location to access the rest of the 93%.[EDIT] You can check out Smartflix to access the entire Netflix catalog.

One of the shows that made me binge watch on Netflix is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This Netflix original TV Series stars Ellie Kemper. Kemper has made us laugh with her stints on Bridesmaids, The Office, and now UKS. Kemper roles as Kimmy who tries to adjust to life in NYC after her rescue from an “apocalypse” cult in Indiana where she joined three other women. They were called the Indianan Mole Women. LOL. And she’s 29 years old.

I finished the first season with 13 episodes, in three days. I realized after watching each episode that we would found an equally soft spot for the idiosyncratic heroine of UKS.  Here are a few that we can all learn from everyone’s Indiana Mole Women.

01×04 – Be Enthusiastic.

“If you’re confident on the outside, good things will happen.”

01×02 – Small Steps Count

“Just take it 10 seconds at a time. Everything will be okay.”

Everyone has their situations where we are like trapped in a bunker like Kimmy, but there are situations that we all have to withstand. Imagine Kimmy after being trapped in a bunker for 15 years, started her life in NYC, then suddenly her money got stolen, lost a job, and hasn’t figured out the big city. But still, she continues. Kimmy gives us some great advice for making it through the tough times.

I’ve been in a tough time last year, and I’m trying my very best to put all together with little by little. I know it may take time, but I would wait. Great things happen when you wait.

01×11 – Follow your Bliss

“I’m not going back, I’m not gonna give up, and neither are you.”

Cyndee and Kimmy made plans of what they will do if ever they get out. And Kimmy wanted to go back to school. At the age of 29, she still decides to enroll in 8th grade. Just got to follow her bliss.

01×07 – Put Some Swagger in It

Overconfidence is a way to get what you want. To achieve this, no one should know exactly what you’re doing all the time. Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it. If you act you belong, you got nothing to worry about. BUT, if you got caught, make sure you can explain and convince ’em like Kimmy does. 🙂

Kimmy wants you to stay true to who you are.

“Be you. Be what you want. And then become unbreakable.”

You be you and don’t worry about anyone else. You don’t need to worry if you’re not someone else wants you to be. That’s completely OK.  Just be yourself, and find the courage to be you, unashamedly. And be Kimmy.

I decided to re-watch season one while waiting for season two which is TBA. Hope everyone learns something from Kimmy.


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