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Baguio Guide: 9 Most Recommended Places to Visit in Baguio for First-Timers

Baguio Guide: 9 Most Recommended Places to Visit in Baguio for First Timers

Are you planning to visit Baguio this coming December holiday? Or are you still making plans when to visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines for the first time? You’re on the right page because I came up with a list of the nine most recommended places to visit in Baguio for wanderlust newbies.

First, let’s have a quick sharing moment about the City of Pines. Baguio, officially the City of Baguio, is a highly developed city in northern Luzon of the Philippines. Tourism has been flourishing as many visitors come to Baguio yearly. With the rise of tourism, different choices of hotels, lodges, and transient houses have sprouted to accommodate all its guests. Good thing we are living in the modern era where all are accessible and available online, so checking for affordable and best booking deals is easy. You can search for accommodations using online booking websites such as Traveloka. Enjoy significant savings since they have discounts and promos that you could take advantage of.

Baguio was established as a hill station by the Americans in 1900. The temperature in the city is usually about 7-8 degrees Celsius lower than the temperature in the lowland area; that’s an average ranging from 15 to 23 °C between November and February as the months with the most moderate temperatures. With its demographic location and climate, Baguio is conducive to the growth of green plants and orchids, and tropical pine forests.

With the kind of weather, Baguio has, many Filipinos and tourists around the globe travel up north during vacation holidays. Baguio is also said to be one of the places in the Philippines that are said to be the best place when you want to escape the fierce heat in the lowland.

Without further ado, let me share my most favorite places in Baguio.

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Burnham Park

If you visit Baguio with your family, the best spot for family activities is Burnham Park. Families can enjoy having picnics here. Children can enjoy biking, and early morning-strolling around the square are other ways to enjoy Burnham Park. Taho vendors roam around the park as well, and surely you’ll enjoy their famous strawberry taho. Who wouldn’t want to get a taste of Baguio’s renowned fruit?

Botanical Garden

Nature lovers are welcome to visit Baguio Botanical Garden. It has a wide variety of flowering, herbal and ornamental plants scattered with pine trees.

BenCab Museum

For people who love art, Baguio will not let you down. You may visit BenCab Museum. BenCab Museum is the home of Benedicto Cabrera who is a National Artist for Visual Arts, and also other local modern-day artists. The museum has an in-house café that serves pasta, sandwiches, salad, and coffee with sourced natural and home-grown ingredients at the museum’s farm garden — experience Benguet art at the cost of 120 pesos only.

Strawberry Farm

Go strawberry picking at La Trinidad, Benguet. Strawberries are in season between February and May. The best thing about the farm in La Trinidad, Benguet, is you have the choice to pick the strawberries yourselves.

The Mansion

The Mansion was built in 1908 for the US governors-general. It was damaged in 1945 during the fight for liberation in the Philippines. The mansion serves as the shelter for Philippine presidents who come to visit Baguio for official travels. You can take unlimited photos outside the estate, and sometimes the gates are open for public but on a limit.

Wright Park

Horses are mostly found at Wright Park, where kids and adults can enjoy horseback riding. Other pasalubong can also be found in the area. And if you got tired and hungry, Ketchup Food Community is just right beside the park.

Session Road

Have you ever wondered where Mace and Anthony shot their hugot moments? One of these places is on Session Road. Just taking a walk along the road should give you that feeling That Thing Called Tadhana gave their viewers. The best time for a walk here is at night when all the colors of the stores are out. It’s also alluring to enter every store since Session Road has a lot of restaurants to choose from.

Camp John Hay

Runner and cyclist can enjoy the Yellow Trail at Camp John Hay. The camp has often been referred to as the “little Baguio” in Baguio City. Hotels, store outlets, restaurants and coffee shops are also available at the camp. The famous Choco-Late de Batirol is also located inside Camp John Hay.

Mines View Park

Filipinos are known for buying products that are only available in a specific place, and these products will serve as pasalubong for their relatives and friends. And the best way to buy pasalubong is at Mines View Park. It is a few minutes away from the city. Bring home Baguio’s famous ube jam, peanut brittle, lenggua, strawberry jam, and many others.

I hope this list will serve you well when you visit Baguio on your favored dates.


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