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Best Places to Eat in Baguio City

Baguio has so much to offer and to appreciate about. There is something about this place that people loves to visit any time of the year. Blessed with an abundance of food choices, different places to appreciate art and a number of coffee shops just to sip your favorite hot coffee… Baguio always leaves everyone a happy heart.

Last week, I was able to visit Baguio again with my friends and had the chance to experience the cold weather with temperature going down to 16 degrees Celsius, for three days and two nights. It was a travel visit booked three weeks earlier that helped me looked for the best accommodation within my budget. You can also search for awesome deals using booking sites such as so you can spend your budget wisely. The trip was just so unforgettable, that whenever I think of Baguio, there’s always that emotion of missing the place.

A lot of my friends and relatives keep asking me why I always come back when there’s nothing really new with the food Baguio locals serve, the establishments, and strawberries and ube jam… Why I always make sure I get to visit Baguio once or twice a year. So to give them my response, I made a list of things, especially my favorites that makes me want to go back to the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Best Places to Eat in Baguio City

Canto Bogchi Joint

Previously located at Ketchup Food Community, Canto Bogchi Joint has found its new home along Kisad road. Canto Bogchi Joint has good choices of affordable food. I was in love with their white interior, outdoor dining feel and laid-back ambiance. Trust me this is a place is so worth it!

Address: 25 Kisad Rd, Baguio, 2602 Benguet | Phone: +63 917 899 9954

Wood Nymph Korean Restaurant

If you are a fan or Korean dishes, you should try visiting Wood Nymph Korean Restaurant. It’s not too fancy, but all necessaries that you need in a Korean restaurant are available.

Address: Luneta Hill Dr, Baguio, Benguet | Phone: +63 74 442 8648

Patch Cafe

If ever you need to look for a hotel in Baguio, one that I can recommend is Bloomfield Hotel because you get to dine at Patch Cafe where they serve their complimentary breakfast for their hotel quests. The cafe looks vibrant and colorful. You can order your breakfast in American or Filipino style. I recommend trying their beverages because they all tasted good.

Address: Bloomfield Hotel, 3 Leonard Wood Road, Brgy. Salud Mitra, Baguio, 2600 Benguet | Phone: +63 74 446 9112

50’s Diner

Are you a fan of American diners? Then 50’s Diner is the place to be. This 50’s vibe-themed diner offers big servings of American food filled with pop culture memorabilia such as posters of American icons, and neon lights. And what’s good with it? It’s cheap. When I say cheap, I meant was Php150 for a big serving of different food. 50’s Diner best sellers are Gangsta Gangsta, Guys on the Hood, and their fruit shakes. What I also like about this diner is how colorful the place is. Eventually, it kind of toiled out in a way by making it truly nostalgic.

Address: 92 Upper General Luna Road, Corner Brent Road, Baguio City

Good Taste

Good Taste is one of the oldest restaurants in Baguio City that’s been one of the favorites by both tourists and locals.  Not only the price is affordable, and the serving is big, Good Taste is also known for their 24 hours service wherein you can dine any time of the day and night.

Address: Baguio Center Mall, Baguio City | Contact number: (074) 444-2201

Café by the Ruins Dua

When talking to friends who have been to Baguio, one restaurant they have visited in common is Café by the Ruins. They serve natural and local ingredients that made it part of the must-try restaurants in Baguio. You definitely should try their Pasta a la Carbonara and Arabica Coffee.

Address: 225 Upper Session Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet | Contact number: (074) 422-9804

Choco-Late de Batirol

Booked your hotel in Camp John Hay? Then you should have a taste of their well-known Suman, Turon, Red Egg and Tomato Salad, and of course hot chocolate. Choco-late de Batirol is a Filipino garden restaurant that is said to be where the best hot chocolate in the Philippines can be found. What I like about this place is its relaxing vibe and oneness with nature because it is surrounded by wooden chairs and tables, and plants.

Address: Igorot Park, Camp John Hay, Baguio City | Contact number: (0917) 877-1427 or (0917) 877-1428

Starbucks, Cottage 661

If you aren’t done with sweets, you can always visit Starbucks at Camp John Hay. Note that there are two branches in Camp John Hay— one in Technohub, and the other near Le Chef. But Cottage 661 is personally my most favorite amongst all the branches in the Philippines. Having a cup of my favorite White Chocolate Mocha while enjoying the view of pine trees in the cold weather of Baguio is the bomb! And it said that this branch is the first branch of Starbucks in Baguio among the four.

Address: Cottage 661 Camp John Hay, Baguio | Contact number: (074) 446-4933

Café Sabel

After witnessing the over-crowning glory of BenCab’s art, you can dine and have a cup of coffee in Café Sabel. It is located at the lowest floor of BenCab Museum. Café Sabel, which overlooks the forest and duck pond, offers ingredients that are fresh and homegrown sourced daily at BenCab’s organic farm. BenCab’s Brew is the café’s signature coffee blend.

Address: Ground Level, BenCab Museum, Km 6. Asin Road, Baguio, 2603 Benguet | Contact number: (074) 442-7165

I hope this list can lure many tourist and Filipinos to visit and love Baguio as I do. There are a lot more of restaurants and cafés in Baguio that we all need to discover, so stay tuned.


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