Best Work Clothes for Men

Physical work is so much more difficult than working at a desk, a computer or even in a retail or food service. That’s why; people working in this kind of work should know the best work clothes for doing physical work.

Here is a list of best work clothes for men:

  1. Leather Work Boots. Work boots are the most important of the best work clothes because it will help you refrain getting your feet sore.
  2. Leather gloves or at least a few pairs of heavy canvas gloves.
  3. Heavy pants or jeans. Carhart are the best. These pants should not be tight.
  4. Leather belt.
  5. Colored cotton t-shirts. Do not wear white t-shirts since it gets dirty right away. Wear grey ones that are decent enough. Light weight t-shirts are best.  Cotton is still the best.
  6. Long sleeve t-shirts. This shirts go over the short sleeve t-shirt in cold weather.
  7. Button down flannel or chamois shirts.
  8. Hooded pullover or zippered fleece sweatshirt.
  9. Durable light coat like denim or heavy cotton or heavy denim or cotton coat in cold weather.
  10. Baseball hat.
  11. Knee pads.
  12. Durable shorts.
  13. Cotton and wool socks.
  14. Durable lined coat.
  15. Eye protection.
  16. Ear protection.

To sum it all, the best workwear for modern men still needs the following factors to consider: the flexibility to move, cosiness, and of course protection for the body.

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