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Blogger Interview: Zirjaye Santos


Do you remember when you first became interested in fashion?

The earliest memory of how fashion started to exist in my entity (and of what I am now) would probably when I started playing around with my clothes during high school. I really wanted to be different ever since. But unfortunately I wasn’t raised with a well-off kind of lifestyle. So I needed to exert more creativity ad effort on how I could flaunt my look. That time I still wasn’t aware of D.I.Y.s (Do It Yourself as we call it in Lookbook.)

Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging.

I am a visual type of person. I got a degree in Advertising and been known to be as one of the “Creative” in the batch. In our field, you just have to be very versatile. Since I’ve been so engaged with fashion, blogging open it’s way for me to practice copywriting (which is my weak point). I believe it somehow convinced me to practice writing as I share what’s happening to my life. So then, it already gets easy to put passion in everything that I share with my followers. And it already goes like a part of my life now.

How would you define your style?

Some people in Lookbook that I know are sometimes surprised with my looks. I always surprise them coming in varieties. I easily get bored and I’m very O.C. when it comes to my looks and my photos. Lol. But summarizing all of it in majority, made me create a term for my style. “K-prep” or Korean preppy. As personally confessed vain, I always want to look good that I always end up more on the preppy side of my style. Plus Asian style never fails me, especially Koreans.

What other fashion blogs would you recommend?

I always visit Tricia Gosingtian’s ( , she amuses me! As a photographer and a visual type of person, I observe how other bloggers edit their photos (or their self-portrait) and how keen they are. For me, it just shows what they can do, their natural looks and their passion to blogging. So Tricia is on my top list.

Next would be Carlos Concepcion’s ( He’s effortless, spontaneous, and has a great taste on clothes.

Last is Laureen Uy’s ( She’s one of the gals that really goes out of the box. She surprises me with her pieces, and inspire me to be more confident on pieces that really stand out. The only thing that I think she lacks is to be further about her looks. More stories and more thoughts to share, but I like her neatness in photos.

Who, or what, are your style inspirations?

Let’s start with WHO: Koreans in and out of the web, Lookbookers like Tricia Gosingtian, Dake Hu, Freddie Young. Random skinny male models on the net. Designers/Bloggers/Stylists Ziggy Savella, Carlos Concepcion..

WHAT: Colors, compliments from fellow Lookbookers/followers, cute stuffs. The fact that I believe that dressing up means looking good and up lifting yourself even in through bad days of your life.

Greatest fashion indulgence?

I know it so last season but I’m so into colored pants, because I think it makes me look more exciting. The fact that I play with colors, it makes it easy for me to mix and match as it’s versatile. That’s why when visiting my local thrift shops, my hands couldn’t help but grab those pants that will give a lot of looks to make.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Thrifts! Tutuban and 168! Like I’m not ashamed of because I know I get a lot of really nice stuffs there in a chop of mall’s prices. Less guilt more surprise to know that I bought it cheap.

Fashion designer/s you admire and what is it that you love about them?

I’m diggin’ Ziggy Savella’s I’m amused when I found that we have in common when it comes to inspiration and taste. This whole Kpop scene excites u and inspires us. I definitely tune to what’s next to him.

If you could raid three bloggers’ closets, who would you pick and why?

Tricia Gosingtian, Camille Co and Paul Jatayna. Tricia has that all sweet dolly look that I really fancy and love about her. Camille comes infinite with her colors and unique pieces, while Paul envies me with his really nice accessories and cool thrift founds. Lol.

Finally, What is it you hope your readers get out of your posts?

Before I’m solely considering my blog as a fashion one, but through time, I get too personal with it. I want my readers to be familiar with the things that I do, likes/dislikes, inspiration and everything about what’s happening to me as if they me. It just so flattering to know a stranger who knows a lot of things about you because s/he constantly fell for what you do and just totally inspired by it.

Questions are prepared by Style Diaries

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