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Book For Less-er

Attention to all voracious readers out there! Book for Less is offering a whole month sale of books for only Php20.00 each. This might be late for a blog entry, but I’m still having it written.

This is already happening since August 1 until the 31st of the month, however warehouse will be closed on Mondays (3,10,17,24,31). You can visit their warehouse at 643 Mercedes Avenue, Brgy San Miguel, Pasig City (nearest landmark is La Consolacion College). If you don’t know how to get there, please see this link.

Since I’m part voracious and book lover, I decided to visit the warehouse with my colleagues last Saturday. We went to Pasig City right after our shift, and came early around 8pm. We still got time to have breakfast.

We arrived with a few people waiting for the warehouse to open, but after having breakfast more groups of readers and buyers came. Good thing it rained and we were allowed to get inside the warehouse early before 9am. So to set your expectation, this is a warehouse and you know how warehouses looks like; and it’s a warehouse of books. There ain’t no enough light inside maybe they don’t want to cause more heat since people are coming and flooding the warehouse so fast. It was like a moment of me checking a book, and in a sec I turned my back and abracadabra!!! the warehouse is full of buyers.

At first I was kinda losing hope not to get an interesting book, and finally was able to hunt and grab some. Most of the books are for kids, and they’re arranged at the center of the warehouse. And the rest are a mixture of novels, biographies, how-to’s, and all others that you can see in a book store. You really have to give your all on hunting books. There are books with good covers, and some quite tampered and used.


I got five books, and three of them where located in one shelf, and two on another shelf. I’m not sure if they really put all good novels in one place, or it’s just a coincident.


  • Wear comfortable clothes, preferably a simple shirt, shorts and a pair of sandals.
  • Wear face mask.
  • Bring your own eco-bag if you intent to buy more than five books. It can get heavy.
  • Get to the warehouse before it opens so you can get the best book for the day.

Happy hunting!


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