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Boys Can Do Eyebrows Too

Women have been growing their brows and following eyebrow trends for decades. They have been adjusting their eyebrows whether they want them to look pencil thin and perfectly arched, to thick and natural.

Now, it is not only women who are into eyebrow grooming. Eyebrow grooming in men is growing popularly recently, and the Philippines wouldn’t want to be out of trend. Martin Andrade, one of the male bloggers in the Philippines, has introduced me in grooming my eyebrows. Together with Astrud Celina, Benefit Cosmetics Philippines’ National Brow Artist/Brow Coach, Martin invited bloggers and non-bloggers to Get Your Brows Ready event in SM Megamall last April 26 (I know, I know, #latepost).

To be honest, I really haven’t touched my eyebrows ever until I had it waxed last March. My eyebrows were just there on my face the whole time untouched. Attending the event got me really nervous, and clueless of what’s gonna happen. But gladly, I attended. I was able to learn and understand how eyebrows work, how to take care of them, how to groom them, and what type of look should my eyebrows have to fit my face.

 Astrud and Martin explained one of the bloggers' eyebrow condition and what to do with them.

Astrud and Martin explained one of the bloggers’ eyebrow condition and what to do with them.

 It's me! With the audience. Listening. Clueless. Trying to understand EYEBROWS.

It’s me! With the audience. Listening. Clueless. Trying to understand EYEBROWS.

There were about only three guys in the event so I felt awkward at first and shy. And also, I was picked to do one of the ladies’ eyebrows. I tell you people reading this, I was shaking, sweaty. nervous and repeatedly saying sorry to Julia because it was my first time to actually hold and use eyebrows product and tools? and I have to use them on another person’s eyebrows.


 Hi Julia!

Hi Julia!


Known as getting your eyebrows ‘on fleek’, the trend on eyebrows doesn’t limit a person to just threading, but the recent years has introduced us to waxing, tweezing and using mini razors. I haven’t tried the other ways of doing eyebrows but waxing. I think waxing is good and fast, so I could say this is the most effective way for me.  How about you?

How do you groom your eyebrows?


Benefit Cosmetics Philippines was generous enough to give us their products. And I am feeling generous too of giving away these items to one lucky winner. Follow the mechanics via Rafflecopter widget below to join. This is strictly open to Philippine residents only. Giveaway accounts will be disqualified. The giveaway will end on June 16, 12 AM.


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