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Boys Can Do Eyebrows Too

Women have been growing their brows and following eyebrow trends for decades. They have been adjusting their eyebrows whether they want them to look pencil thin and perfectly arched, to thick and natural.

Now, it is not only women who are into eyebrow grooming. Eyebrow grooming in men is growing popularly recently, and the Philippines wouldn’t want to be out of trend. Martin Andrade, one of the male bloggers in the Philippines, has introduced me in grooming my eyebrows. Together with Astrud Celina, Benefit Cosmetics Philippines’ National Brow Artist/Brow Coach, Martin invited bloggers and non-bloggers to Get Your Brows Ready event in SM Megamall last April 26 (I know, I know, #latepost).

To be honest, I really haven’t touched my eyebrows ever until I had it waxed last March. My eyebrows were just there on my face the whole time untouched. Attending the event got me really nervous, and clueless of what’s gonna happen. But gladly, I attended. I was able to learn and understand how eyebrows work, how to take care of them, how to groom them, and what type of look should my eyebrows have to fit my face.

 Astrud and Martin explained one of the bloggers' eyebrow condition and what to do with them.

Astrud and Martin explained one of the bloggers’ eyebrow condition and what to do with them.

 It's me! With the audience. Listening. Clueless. Trying to understand EYEBROWS.

It’s me! With the audience. Listening. Clueless. Trying to understand EYEBROWS.

There were about only three guys in the event so I felt awkward at first and shy. And also, I was picked to do one of the ladies’ eyebrows. I tell you people reading this, I was shaking, sweaty. nervous and repeatedly saying sorry to Julia because it was my first time to actually hold and use eyebrows product and tools? and I have to use them on another person’s eyebrows.


 Hi Julia!

Hi Julia!


Known as getting your eyebrows ‘on fleek’, the trend on eyebrows doesn’t limit a person to just threading, but the recent years has introduced us to waxing, tweezing and using mini razors. I haven’t tried the other ways of doing eyebrows but waxing. I think waxing is good and fast, so I could say this is the most effective way for me.  How about you?

How do you groom your eyebrows?


Benefit Cosmetics Philippines was generous enough to give us their products. And I am feeling generous too of giving away these items to one lucky winner. Follow the mechanics via Rafflecopter widget below to join. This is strictly open to Philippine residents only. Giveaway accounts will be disqualified. The giveaway will end on June 16, 12 AM.


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  1. Wow, this looks interesting! Haha. I’ve been on the lookout for makeup tools din since I’m planning to improve my skills, and of course, brows should definitely be a priority. I’ve heard a lot of Benefit products, so fingers-crossed.

  2. I groom my brows by eyebrow threading. For me, threading hurts more than waxing. It really hurts to the point that I always cry even though it’s my 6th time already. Haha! Idk My pain tolerance is too low. I know. Haha! I like grooming my brows because it makes it easier for me to draw my brows and put some brow products. 🙂

  3. I have low pain tolerance so I shave my own brows. My mom was the one who taught me how to groom my brows from a young age. I used to ask her to groom them for me but now I can do it on my own! It’s low maintenance and only takes a few minutes. No expense pa! I do it in the comfort of my own home. 🙂

  4. I use the Gimme Brow Volumising Eyebrow Gel! And I like it very much. Actually, I don’t really need to fill and shape my eyebrows coz they are naturally thick and shaped; the eyebrow gel just helps comb the hair and put them into place.

    Too bad I cannot join your giveaway (again! haha!). I’ll just show my support through my comments. 😛

  5. What a great post! I find brows the HARDEST thing to do, but I think I’ve finally got the hang of them now! I use a Sleek pencil and brush and it works so well. I can’t leave the house without doing them now! I do trim them myself now, but every once in a while, I like to go for a wax.

  6. Brows are something I’m only delving into recently myself, I’ve started with dying them to make them more prominent!

  7. I love brows! I think people look so much better when their brows are defined and tidy! It makes such a difference to someones face.

  8. Darreyl Alandra says

    I love shaping my brows using a mini razorbecause it’s easier and a lot more convenient to use. It also does not take a lot of my time. I could easily control my hands plus it doesn’t hurt unlike the other ways of doing your brows. You should try it too clint 🙂 It’s really easy to remove unwanted brow hairs using the mini razor

  9. Omgggg love this post!! I groom my eyebrows by plucking them. I prefer plucking them because it doesn’t grow as fast when groomed using a razor.

  10. Amber Myers says

    Interesting. I actually don’t groom my eyebrows at all. I mean, if they’re turning into a unibrow I’ll do something but other than that, I don’t bother.

  11. There is definitely an art to great-looking brows! Fun that you could attend this event and learn!

  12. I have very thin eyebrows and whenever I get my threading done, it hurts badly! I haven’t heard of eyebrow razors! This is something new to me!

  13. This post is amazing! I seldom groom my brows because of the fact that I have a demanding course, it takes a long time to pluck and trim. But when I do, I always make sure that my brows are always on fleek. I always feel like I’m the boss and no one dares to mess with me coz I have a pointy brow.

  14. Don’t know as well how to groom my eyebrows. There were so many times when I visited salons and somebody would just ask me if im open to grooming my brows. Ihihi. anyway, thanks to a Makeup artist friend, she conducted a free makeup classes and helped us understand and even showed us how a groomed eyebrow makes a big difference.

  15. Wow..I didnt know about it. This looks like a useful thing to make eyebrows. I agree it makes a lot of difference after making eyebrows. The whole look changes.

  16. My ex wife is an eyebrow enthusiast! I should send her a link to your site. She used to groom my eyebrows all the time because I have a slight uni brow going on some times. I love it now because our daughter has the same problem if you call it a problem and it upsets her big time 🙂

    Great post!


  17. I like this post! I’m curious how Julia’s brows turned out after you did it. haha. We all start somewhere, that’s okay.

    I used to go to an eyebrow salon and have them groomed there through threading. But when I learned that it’s actually easy to pluck my own brows, I stopped going to any brow salons and started doing it my own. I’m blessed with a thick brows kaya linis linis na lang, pak na. haha!

    I’m still learning how to apply brow products to achieve the eyebrows on fleek trend. So, I’m joining!

  18. Jill says

    That’s so awesome! And for sure, everyone can do their eyebrows/makeup if they want to!

  19. My eyebrow hairs grow so quickly! I used to tweeze all the time but now I just let it grow and then wax it myself.

    • Isn’t it convenient and easy to just wax it off? I enjoyed waxing that threading or any other ways. My eyebrow hairs grow so quickly too.

  20. Clah Castro Santos says

    Before kasi gumagit ako ng blade to groom my eyebrows . Sobrang nipis na nya now. So diko na sya inaahitan. Minsan gumagit na lang ako ng tweezer para bunutin ung kilay ko.

      • Clarisse castro santos says

        Di naman . Sakto lang. ung humahawak kasi dati na MUA sa amin nung nasa choir pa ako ayun ang ginagamit nila. Blade talaga. Pero epek naman. Tsaka siguro dahil na rin sa mura sya kaya un na lang ginagamit nila 😂

      • Clah Castro Santos says

        Di na ako nag aahit ng kilay kasi sobrang nipis na talaga ng brows ko. 😭 Uso pa naman ngaun ung makakapal and natural ung kilay kahit bushy. Need lang ng tweezer para bunutin yung mga naliligaw ng landas 😂

  21. I’m not a pro in grooming my own eyebrows po but paunti-unti ko po ginagawa para masanay at matuto po. I use hair puller po (tsani) pero mahapdi po..huhu…

  22. Janie Marquez says

    I only pluck my excess eyebrows kasi I thought waxing hurts. Mukhang di naman masakit kaya susubukan ko na hahaha

  23. Agnes Dela Cruz says

    Very sparse ang eyebrows ko so when they grow very minimal lang, very manageable using my good ‘ol trusted tyani. 🙂

  24. Hiyes kilay is life talaga! I once read on a newspaper of a guy sharing his kilay experience. It wasn’t because it’s on trend or pure kaartehan but then, he realized later on when he had his eyebrows fixed that his confidence boosted to the max which I can relate in so many levels. 😊

  25. Dinelyn B says

    Its not shocking that boys now are also vain on their eyebrows.. alam ko yung iba talaga nag-shape ng eyebrow by blade itself but i dont know if some are using tweezers.. and i also dont imagine a boy putting on an eyebrow pencil hehe.. but of course we should all be open about these things .. it doesnt mean they’re gay but who cares we all live now in a world of acceptance. Wheter its what they want or the are just being vain. It will now be ok to see one ☝🏻.. hi there have a good day everyone. 😊

  26. Medyo hesitant ako sumali kasi akala ko panglalake tong eyebrow chuchu mo haha
    I thread my eyebrows para kahit papaano maayos sya, kahit hindi pa ako marunong magkilay hehe on the hunt pdn ako for the best pangkilay and continuous learning pa kung pano magkilay. Sabay sabay tayo matuto! Haha

  27. Maria Ace says

    I just envy those boys who has good and thick eyebrows than girls. I mean, how? Im jealous!! Haha. 🙊 To answer your question, I never waxed my brows in my life. My mom doesnt want me to. So I just use tweezers to excess some of my brows to give it a little shape. And I know your giveaway will really help me to make my brows on fleek everyday!! YAY! Can’t wait to call those ‘babies’ mine soon. Thank you for sharing this babies with us, such a generous heart you have!! 😭💖 ILY 🌹

  28. crissel ann d. matias says

    I shape my eyebrows first using a an eyebrow pencil, then i use a razor, and i trending my brows too.

  29. Katlyn Isabel Alvaro says

    I shave my eyebrows every 3rd week of the month. I am using eyebrow liner to shape my eyebrows and then I shave it using razor then I put a moisturizer/lotion on the shaved part to maintain skin soft.

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