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Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid

Thank you, Mikewell World of Household Products Corporation, for being so kind to send me over your dishwashing liquid products. I was able to try them for a week and here is my review.

If you ask Filipinos what brand of dishwashing liquid is being used at their homes, a popular response would be the “J” brand. Because this brand has won their hearts through huge advertising. As a millennial who doesn’t normally care what kind of brand of dishwashing liquid is being used at home, it got my senses when a dishwashing brand contacted me and ask me to review their product. So here’s Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid.

Mikewell World of HouseholdProducts Corporation sent me three of their Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid variants— Kalamansi, Anti-bacterial, and Lemon. They came in bottles of 270ml each, and that’s really good for a long time, I think. 


 (left to right) Variants: Anti-bacterial, Kalamansi, Lemon

(left to right) Variants: Anti-bacterial, Kalamansi, Lemon

 Sizes:  270mL, 880mL, and 4L

Sizes:  270mL, 880mL, and 4L



  1. Eco-friendly. Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Tripolyphosphate are mostly used in dishwashing liquid. These can cause dry skin in our hands and can harm our planet. Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid isn’t using these instead they use eco-friendly and biodegradable products.
  2. Easy to rinse. It leaves no scent and it won’t take you a long time in rinsing your utensils.
  3. Gentle on hands. Since it’s not using chemicals that can make your skin dry, it is said to be gentle on the hands. 
  4. Price. This is cheaper than other brands. You get to use them for a long time at an affordable price.


  1. Not enough suds and bubbles. I feel like I needed more bubbles and suds because they feel like very effective if present?
  2. Lack of advertising. Tbh, I haven’t heard of this brand until now. The brand needs more advertising and exposure for people to get to know their products.

Overall, I could say Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is a good substitute especially if you are into a greener home.

If you guys want to try and purchase, you may visit their Facebook page. Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is also available in various local supermarkets nationwide.


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