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Buntot Palos Falls: Laguna’s Hidden Waterfall

My family and I are new to doing adventurous activities, most specially with trekking. The first time we treked was last June at Ambon-Ambon Falls, one of the hidden falls in Laguna. You can reach this falls in a 30-minute trek.

And the recent heart pumping, sweat rushing and made me go down my knees activity we had was to get to Buntot Palos Falls. This is located at the same town where Ambon-Ambon Falls is, Pangil, Laguna. We arrived at the area for registration around 2pm and we’re like the last group that day. Tour registration is at a minimum of 500 pesos for 5 pax, and 25 pesos each for community registration.

Getting to the waterfall wasn’t easy for me. We had to finish all five stations, and that was like 2 hours getting there. The struggle was to trek with us being unprepared— no trekking gears, just our minds ready. I was like wearing slippers, shorts, and long sleeve shirt. And to help me climb, a bottle of water was at my hand. Geez, it was emptied reaching the first station. One thing that helped me throughout this activity was my stick. It was so difficult for me walking due to what I was wearing, as well with the rocks and steep pathway. Good thing I saw this stick and used it to accompany me, hold me, and protect me. It was like my knight and shining armor, my prince charming. (I bet this was left by climbers prior us.)

But the tiresome, and sweaty experience was worth it. Getting the peak of our purpose of climbing was surreal, hearing the noise the waterfalls makes, geeeeez.

And here are some photos during the trek, and of course, Buntot Palos Falls.



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