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There is something about getting paid early at work this month that is making me worried for the first half of January. I get paid twice a month, and this December was on the 13th and the 23rd — which the second pay should be any day from 28-30. But since it’s holiday season, our company decided to release payouts early. So what bothers me is being happy I have two pay and might be impulsive to spend them during the holiday which if happens will result to critical week/s on early January. This is something I really have to plan properly and carefully.

Scandal (TV)

I didn’t even realize it was possible for me to finish four seasons of watching a single TV series. That’s a total of 78 episodes including season five since I have started watching it as well. The reason behind this was watching it at work and at home where I should supposedly asleep. Anyhow, who would’ve thought a political thriller genre type of show would be this exciting — all thanks to Shonda Rhimes. If you like twists, action, drama, romance and feeling a bit of a detective, Scandal is best to watch. Now, I’m waiting for the next episode which will air early February next year.

At first two seasons, the love story between Olivia Pope and Pres. Fitzgerald Grant III was thrilling. There were moments that I really love like the late night phone calls, meetings at the White House West Wing, and petty fights. Also, OPA (Olivia Poe and Associates) friends were mixed-up of personalities. There is a weird guy, the red hat, the unknown one, and the hottie Harrison. I know Olivia loves Fitz, but I actually wanted her to end up with Jake Ballard (Scott Foley), well because he’s a cutie and looks younger than Fitz.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Movie)

Being one of the die-hard fans of Star Wars, I wouldn’t waste the chance to watch the newest installment on the cinema. I went to Greenbelt alone last Sunday and felt nostalgic with the movie, most especially on the appearances of Princess/General Leia, the Millennium Falcon, and R2D2. Rey (the new character) was effective and showed how a true Jedi should be— strong and hopeful. I was just disappointed at one thing since I wanted to see Jar Jar Binks. Well maybe, he wouldn’t have any important role in the story that’s why he wasn’t there. Someone died tho. OK, spoiler-me.

The Flash (TV)

I have watched season one the time it started and stopped until the season ended. Then wasn’t able to catch up since the series got me bored. But one of my Facebook friends is hooked on watching it and got me curious about season two. There I started watching The Flash again, and Barry Allen is missed. Boy, he’s definitely cute. So the story went from history to having another Earth — Earth-Two (actually a lot of earth, with doppelgangers). I wonder what I will be if I have a doppelganger on Earth-Two.

Pia Wurtzbach

Everyone’s shocked with Miss Universe 2015 scandal where Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Colombia as this year’s Miss Universe instead of Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. I was sad for both the ladies, being Miss Colombia with the shortest MissU experience, and Miss Universe/Philippines for not having his Miss Universe crowning experience. The stage was pandemonium, and everyone whether you’re in Las Vegas, at your home or wherever you were at that moment, were in shocked and surprised. Well, Miss Colombia should look at the brighter side because that experience will make her a better person, and I pray for Pia for a better year as being Miss Universe. I bet she’ll be good at her job.


That’s enough for now. I have a new book given by my colleague. It’s We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. Also, I received a coloring book. Not sure if I will be able to post during the holiday but I will try. You guys have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!



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