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✨ Farewell 2020, Hello 2021! ✨

We made it! To survive 2020, both physically and mentally, was not easy. Whether it’s economic, job, education, financial, and life uncertainty, it is even more important to appreciate and to take control of our lives, wellbeing, and future. We were thrown into a pandemic and told to learn to survive overnight. We have all been affected one way or another. Thankfully, many have been available to advise, give direction, assurance, and help in navigating 2020. Whether you were grappling mentally, physically, or financially, there was something out there to lend a hand. 2020 was a tough year. It wasn’t perfect and the things that we planned didn’t always go to plan. Today, we will celebrate this holiday to remind us to keep fighting against this pandemic to celebrate the next. Let’s all hope for 2021 filled with you lovely people! Happy New Year!

U R Not Alone

One of the most painful things about being an adult is that nobody has ever told you how lonely it is. It’s already December and I’m wondering how did I even get through this year? I have struggled, and I have fought and I have cried more than I have ever cried in my entire life. I have fallen into the darkest pit and struggled to get out of it for so long. But I believe everything is temporary. Whoever out there is struggling too, we got this.

Mixtape Vol. 2 📼

Ariana Grande ; ghostin Lord Huron ; The Night We Met Ed Sheeran ; Happier Dermot Kennedy ; Outnumbered James Bay ; Bad Dominic Fike ; Açaí Bowl Rihanna ; Close To You Billie Eilish ; i love you King Princess ; 1950 Isaac Dunbar ; woman on the hills Sody ; The Bully Maisie Peters ; Favourite Ex Freya Ridings ; Lost Without You Rhys Lewis ; No Right To Love You – Acoustic Sasha Sloan ; Dancing With Your Ghost Ali Gatie ; It’s You iris ; giving in (acoustic) BANKS ; Crowded Places Jessie Reyez ; Figures GRACEY ; If You Loved Me Khalid ; Saturday Nights Demi Lovato ; Sober Hamzaa ; Stranded Love Celeste ; Coco Blood Evie Irie ; The Optimist Joesef ; Loverboy Mabes ; America Joel Baker ; Bag Of Dreams TRACES ; High and Dry Sigrid ; I Don’t Want To Know Lewis Capaldi ; Someone You Loved L Devine ; Panic Oh Wonder ; All We Do Delacey ; The Subway Song Julia Michaels ; …

He turned 28th.

Remember when I don’t like birthdays? I think I’m liking it now. The night of my birth date, I went on the road going straight to Sagada from Metro Manila. I booked this trip last January. Since it was my first time going to Sagada, I made sure I set everything well– booked my bus trips ahead of time, and my accommodation. I thought everything was going to go well. But I was on the brick of missing my bus trip since I woke up two hours before my scheduled trip. I was so stressed out knowing that I haven’t packed my stuff yet, and I was to buy a pair of sandals since I didn’t want to roam around Sagada on shoes. Traveling to Sagada was no joke, for me at least. It was long hours of sitting inside the bus without WiFi, a broken TV and no sound system available. I was so bored even I have my phone and console during this trip. The trip took 10 hours. On arrival, I was …

Self Discovery 2019

Some Things We Need to be Reminded of this 2019

People will always tell us that we should be living our lives to the fullest, but what does that even mean?  Personally, I don’t think living life to the fullest means making a lot of money, or buying a plane ticket, or going to a different party every night, or getting the trendiest clothes or the latest gadgets. It is living exactly how you want to, living your truth. It is not supposed to be lived by other people’s standards or opinions. You should live your life being who you are so unapologetically that your spirits shine bright enough to warm the world. It is about doing all of the things that make you happy because the world has enough people doing things just to pass time, things that depress their soul instead of making them feel alive. It is knowing that you are connected with everything and everyone around you. Feeling that you are connected with everything and everyone.  You are exactly where you are deemed to be. Continue exploring and finding and moving. …

It’s My Birthday And I’ve Never Felt More Depressed

We are supposed to be happy during our birthdays, but I feel the other way around. I don’t know how the switch took place, and I can’t remember any moment in my life that triggered the switch, or maybe it’s my whole life itself that puts me in this place. Birthdays are now depressing. It’s like I’m obligated to feel very special, needs to rejoice, and be very thankful for what life has given me when my current situation isn’t in a good state. I’m a mess and there’s nothing particularly great to celebrate my life. I can’t be happy on my birthday with disappointments. I am disappointed with how little my life has changed in the past years. I am disappointed with getting into this age yet hasn’t accomplished big in my life. I feel sad about how many bad relationships I faced over the past years, and now still alone hoping for the right person. I have a few significant persons in my life but I want that one person where I can …