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Self Discovery 2019

Some Things We Need to be Reminded of this 2019

People will always tell us that we should be living our lives to the fullest, but what does that even mean?  Personally, I don’t think living life to the fullest means making a lot of money, or buying a plane ticket, or going to a different party every night, or getting the trendiest clothes or the latest gadgets. It is living exactly how you want to, living your truth. It is not supposed to be lived by other people’s standards or opinions. You should live your life being who you are so unapologetically that your spirits shine bright enough to warm the world. It is about doing all of the things that make you happy because the world has enough people doing things just to pass time, things that depress their soul instead of making them feel alive. It is knowing that you are connected with everything and everyone around you. Feeling that you are connected with everything and everyone.  You are exactly where you are deemed to be. Continue exploring and finding and moving. …