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How to Claim a Refund From Cebu Pacific Air

Due to Cebu Pacific Air changes in our schedule flight, an air ticket refund whether a full refund or for a number of guests was offered.

We were able to book a flight last April 2016 from Manila to Cebu on dates February 8 and 11, 2017 via Cebu Pacific Seat Sale promo. We are a number of seven guests, and it will be our first air travel together, and I was excited about it because, to be honest, I haven’t flown in a plane. Lol.

But due to recent events and circumstances, I cannot join my officemates to our Cebu trip. Since this was promo tickets, there ain’t no option to change the guest’s name or even a refund. Since a schedule change advisory was sent by Cebu Pacific Air, we were given the option to get a full refund. Well, they’re still going, but my decision is still the same— not to go.

So let me share my quick story on how I was able to get my air ticket refund via Cebu Pacific Air.

(This procedure is only based on my own experience, and might not be suitable for other circumstances with Cebu Pacific Air. Best to contact Cebu Pacific Air for more information.)

I tried calling Cebu Pacific Air customer service hotline but unable to reach anyone since I was put on hold for hours. Then I realized, most companies now have Twitter support. So I immediately tweeted @CebuPacificAir about my concern. Fortunately, I received a quick reply even it was 11:54 PM. Maybe they’re on support 24/7?

Cebu Pacific Air requires two requirements if you’re to refund your air ticket.

  1. Copy of Itinerary Receipt/Ticket
  2. Two (2) original primary valid IDs of the passenger/guest
    1. Letter of Authorization from the guest in absence of the affected passengers and two (2) original primary valid ids of the representative

Primary IDs are the following: Driver’s License, Passport, SSS/GSIS Card, Tax Identification Number (TIN) Card, PRC ID, Postal ID or other government issued ID. Company ID and School ID are considered secondary id only.

You have to bring these documents to the nearest Organic Ticket Offices: Mactan Ticket Office – Cebu City, Robinson’s Cebu, Robinsons Galleria – Ortigas, Robinsons Ermita – Manila, Express Ticket Office – Domestic Road and Terminal 3 Ticket Office – NAIA Terminal 3.

In my case, I brought a printed copy of our itinerary receipt and two IDs (Postal ID and Pagibig Loyalty Card). I wasn’t really sure if my Pagibig Loyalty Card is a primary valid ID but I wasn’t questioned about it nor was asked for another ID. I went to their office in Robinsons Galleria. It took me 45 minutes to get a refund due to a large number of customers on that day. But it was easy. They gave me a receipt or a confirmation of the refund. Included in this document were my details and the amount of the refund.

That’s it! I am not sure if there are other ways on how to get a refund, but this is what I did to get my air ticket refund.

For more information, you may contact Cebu Pacific Air at the following channels below:

  • Manila: +632-7020-888 / Cebu: +6332-230-8888