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Find the Right Fit for Big and Tall Men

If you loathe shopping for clothes, you are not alone.  While many women may enjoy shopping until they drop, men rarely share their passion.  The problem is even worse if you are a man over 6 foot tall or wear more than a size 3X.  Department stores often don’t carry your size, or the clothing is not long enough.

If you have trouble shopping for your size, here are some suggestions to make buying clothing a bit easier.

  1. Shop eBay.  You may not have thought to shop for new clothes on eBay, but there are some eBay shops that cater to big and tall men.  Whether you are looking for men’s jackets, blazers, dress pants, or jeans, they have what you need.  Some even offer a loyalty discount to return customers.
  2. Find a designated big and tall shop.  If you have one in your area, try to shop at a big and tall store.  There, you can find what you need.  If not, the manager may be able to special order items for you or send you to their website to order online.
  3. Take to the Internet.  Some men’s big and tall shops are only available online.  Search the internet for stores.  While shopping online is a bit more difficult because you can’t try on the clothing, most have generous return policies should the clothes not fit you properly.
  4. Travel, if necessary.  If you have a generous budget, you may be able to travel to a city like New York City to get the clothes you need.  You can take one flight there and buy all of your clothing for the year.  Yes, it is an expensive trip, but you are all done shopping in one trip.  Even better, do your shopping while on a business trip.  Then the out of pocket travel costs are not so expensive.

Shopping as a big and tall man can be difficult, but the Internet and more stores have made it easier than ever.

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