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Finding the Perfect Gift for your Girlfriend

Gentlemen, think back to the last gift that you bought your girlfriend. Now consider just how well it was received. Have you noticed that the same old bouquet of flowers isn’t quite getting the response you were after? If your gift giving skills are getting a little stale, fear not, because there’s an excellent range of affordable, fun and exciting gifts available to choose from. So whether you have an anniversary approaching, or you’re just looking to impress as a spontaneous kind of guy, here are 5 gift ideas that are sure to keep your other half happy.

Weekend away

Really, there aren’t many girls who aren’t in need of a holiday. A getaway doesn’t need to mean seven nights in the Seychelles. There are a range of easy and affordable getaways that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Keep an eye on the competitive deal websites and last minute booking websites. They often feature excellent savings on a night away in London, or perhaps a romantic getaway in a personalised cottage. Buy a bottle of champagne, get her to pack her bags and surprise her with the experience. Best of all, it’s the sort of gift you can both enjoy together as a couple.


This can be such a touch and go sort of gift. The area where so many men get the lingerie present wrong is by not doing their research. You can’t walk into a lingerie store or shop online without knowing your partner’s size and style. Not only will it probably not fit her, the chances are it’ll probably also insult her (and lead to some very awkward questions about what size you think she is).

If you’re really struggling take in a photo of your girlfriend and write down the measurements of her favourite bra. Ask the shop assistant for her advice and don’t be tempted to buy something tacky (this is a present for her after all). Classy and stylish matching lingerie is a loving and intimate gift, but be sure to do your research.


No matter how exclusive or succulent a box of chocolates is, at the end of the day it’s a gift that shows minimal effort. Go that extra step further by booking you and you partner into a chocolate making course. This is a great activity that incorporates time spent together with indulgent and playful fun.

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