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Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 01

Today I’ll be launching my personal blog and would start writing posts on my blog series. To start off, I’ll begin writing about blog series Friday’s 10 Happy Things.

  1. I purchased a Multi-Purpose Tote Bag and it’s from Jack Spade. I got it for a discounted price. Waiting for it to arrive on my doorsteps.
  2. I’m glad everything’s turning to be okay in the office. *cross fingers*
  3. Moving to a new home by mid-October. Hopefully, Makati area or will remain to reside any part of Mandaluyong.
  4. Got to visit my folks and celebrate two birthdays this weekend. Still, can’t think of what cake to buy tho? Thinking of two or three layered cake.
  5. Won’t be relying on other blogger’s web host since I now have my own under NameCheap.
  6. Officially launch Chasing Ecstasy. I love my minimalistic, and white WordPress theme.
  7. I am now a regular employee. Hopefully could stay for years. I’m kinda liking working here.
  8. I was able to destroy a few parasites in my system. I’m doing it one by one. I’ll go full clean, promise.
  9. Saving money isn’t really easy for me, but I’m almost half way reaching my target amount to get a new smartphone and a Macbook. I’m keeping my level of excitement to the lowest point. I don’t wanna be at my highest then won’t succeed. HAHA. Sorry for the negativity.
  10. Mom is coming back to the Philippines. Good news, really good!



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