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Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 02

It’s been a while since I last update the blog series – Friday’s Ten Happy Things. And I’m kinda feeling I’m back to blogging since work has been going light these past few days. Here’s volume 2 of what I’m happy about this Friday.

  1. Payday Friday!
  2. Done paying bills – credit card, Globe postpaid plan, save a few bucks for condo rent on the 30th.
  3. Went out to visit a local coffee shop in Makati with a long-time-no-hangout friend. I’ll write a separate blog post about this coffee shop soon.
  4. Was able to pull myself on not getting soft with someone I dated. He texted me and exchanged messages, but I kept my guard strong.
  5. I noticed my hair’s length is near my target. Though I still have to get the ear sides really long para swak na swak ibrushup.
  6. Started saving money in getting a Macbook. It’ll be a long journey.
  7. Haven’t had any lates at work since November 2. I’m looking forward to monthly perfect attendance. I need monthly incentive.
  8. Finished a Pinoy movie without getting bored. Everyday I Love You is one of the good local movies next to One More Chance, Starting Over Again and That Thing Called Tadhana. Or I was just really fascinated how Liza Soberano is growing on her acting talent.
  9. My bugnutin and topakin moments have been lessening like I will be in a sec and it’ll manage to control it and it’ll go away. Baby steps, baby.
  10. Hey, and as I have mentioned earlier, I’m back writing posts. Hoping that this continues, and gains more readers and friends.

That’s a wrap. XO


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