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Go Green with Riz Boardshorts

It’s a simple idea. Riz Boardshorts set up their organization with the effort of generating the most wonderful and ecological boardshorts in the world! The fashionable boardshorts are eco-friendly and made from 100% reusable and eco friendly cotton, as well as being electronically created with world helpful water ink in the UK.

Riz is a store brand that attracts the style smart man at the seaside. Each design is created in small, unique operates using unique printing presenting styles motivated by companies Expenses Morris. Developing is very in fashion in style groups currently, and these bermuda certainly suit your purposes for the style aware man reader.  Each unique piece is hand designated, making them every more special and unique.

The organization has a Rizcycling program. Basically they are asking owners of Riz boardshorts to wear them out until no longer needed. Deliver it returning to Riz, who sends the components returning to the flower where they will be reusable into new poly components. To compensate you for enjoying the Rizcycling program they will give you 25% off your next couple of boardshorts. The lifecycle of bermuda then starts again!

Riz says:

“The act of giving back a piece of recycled clothing so it too can be recycled and, in return, receiving a helping hand towards a new piece of recycled clothing. For us Sustainability seems too general a term. We want to focus the entire product life into a perpetual 360 degree process. As far as we know we are the only swim brand in the world where all the products are recyclable and offer this service. Going forward we want to challenge the system even further improving the offer, effectiveness and incentives.”

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