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One day I was trying to update my blog because I kind of feel sorry for not keeping my blog on track the past few weeks. However, while staring at my laptop screen, I can’t seem to focus on what to write. I would say I have a lot on my mind that I want to share but I just can’t focus. Then I realized there’s nada worth sharing. All I can think of was negativity, and how the each year got worst.

So, I decided not write and let my fingers decide on when, where and what to write.

MON 12/28/2015 1800. The day Christmas break was over and I have to get back to work. (BTW, I work at night.) I can’t sleep this day maybe because I slept late on a Sunday night and woke up around 1200. Or maybe, I was just staring at the ceiling, contemplating of what happened with 2015. Okay, I was describing too much already. Let’s cut the chase and proceed with what my fingers decided to write –  My 2015.

Love shits

I was still unsuccessful to find ‘the one’. Okay, this might be desperate but hey, you would want to find the one as early as now. I’ve had two bad past relationships and it’s hard to age yearly alone. I want each of the years coming to pass spent with someone. Let’s not continue on this, I might cry.


I was hired in the month of March by the company I wanted to work with since college. However, it’s not as what I thought it should be. The job role that was given to me isn’t that technical and more of an admin task. I studied four years in college configuring networks, setting up devices, and planning infrastructures but I ended up creating tickets for troubled customers. The only technical on my job role was asking customers what they have done prior reporting their concerns (You think it’s technical?). Not really sure if I’ll end up doing the same task every day. On the brighter side, it’s still the company I wanted to work with. Then came the company spin-off. WTH!

Family Drama

I never had the perfect family. Having both unavailable parents isn’t really cool for an emotional kid like me. I stay in Manila alone, with my two siblings in Laguna with grandma. We don’t have the bond, and it’s hard to express that you miss ‘em, and you want to spend time with them and stuff.


This is frustrating I haven’t even gone getting my target weight. I am still underweight, and this has been my BMI since high school. I’ve tried many ways to gain weight but all seemed not to work. Can anyone recommend something that I could try? I’ve heard about whey, protein drink, but fully don’t know what they really do.

To sum up, 2015 is mostly boring and a few good points. Besides the year of mishaps, I still could say I am thankful for I am still here, standing and alive. No matter how dreadful life could be, I still have myself and God looking out for me. Let’s end the year with moving on, and leave all the shits behind. Place them all in the bin, and throw them away. And smile with glitters. Ta ta for now!



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