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Protect Your Style With GO!TECHS Waterproof Spray

Isn’t it a bummer when your outfit is on point then the weather decided to release all its rain on you? It’ll just ruin your style and mood. Yes, your umbrella and jacket can help but not with your shoes, especially when you’re the type of person who likes to wear white shoes all the time. We know when there’s rain, there’s mud. And we don’t want mud covering our shoes. I tell you this isn’t cool for me especially I am not a fan of washing my shoes.

The good news is that a waterproof spray made in Taiwan is now available in the Philippines to protect our shoes from the rain, mud and stains. GO!TECHS is the first chemical-oderless waterproof spray with fluorine which can form a barrier on the surface of the objects to protect againts penetration of any liquid, oil and stain effiviently without hurting the softness and breatability of materials. It also helps keep the object clean for longer and owns best effect on quick drying, waterproofing, antifouling, mildew proofing and dust proofing. Now, that’s a charm!

It is not only for our shoes, but also for clothes, bags and documents. I haven’t tried it on anything but my white shoes, and I can totally say it gave protection without compromise. And it’s easy to use. Make sure the material’s surface is cleaned and dry, and then spray it from a distance of 15-20 cm for 1-3 seconds. To avoid the slight color change on clothes after sprayed, spray it on unobvious parts first to make sure.


GO!TECHS Waterproof Spray is available for purchase on their online store with payments via credit card or Cash-On-Delivery for Philippine addresses only, and is shipped via LBC. The store is on promotional period where you can get one bottle for Php599 instead of Php800.

GO!TECHSPH Online Store | Facebook page | Youtube


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