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How to Look Fashionable on a Marathon?

Marathoners vary in the type of shoes they wear in race events.  Most of the competitive marathoners would wear light end shoes because of the lightweight feeling on their feet, but still offers some protection for their heels and midsoles. Another thing to consider is the way the shoes are cushioned, and of course the protection  and support that you get.
Elites, on the other hand, prefer flats on a running event because this type of runners is thin and has exceptional biomechanics.

But for the fashionable runners, can try shoes offered by Nike and Asics. Nike running shoes can match your exact specifications, no matter what style, technology or function you needed. With different ranges of colors, and arrays of styles, amount of researchers and features housed in every shoes, I really can say Nike has it all, and is the perfect fit for every runner’s feet.

On the other hand, Asics offers alternative choices of running shoes.  Shoes from the said brand are designed for daily training and best suited for runners with medium to high arches and have neutral and supinated feet. Going similar with Nike, Asics also bargains a wide range of different colors and styles of running shoes, all best fit for marathoners.

Below are some photos of the two big brand producers of running shoes.

nike2 nike1 asics2 asics1

However, whether you are one of the elite, the norm, or of those fashionable marathoners, it is best to buy the running shoes that you feel comfortable to run with. As an advised, lightweight running shoes will be perfect for a long run marathon. Regardless of which shoes you choose for race day, be sure to try them out on tempo runs and at least one of your longer marathon-pace training runs.


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