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Bloggers Go to War at LazerXtreme

Bloggers attended a highly enjoyable laser tag event organized by and LazerXtreme. Entitled “You’ve Been Tagged: x LazerXtreme Blogger Event,” it was held last March 26, 2017, at Market! Market! mall in Taguig City.

As part of’s goal to establish stronger relationships with both affiliated and non-affiliated bloggers, the event started with an icebreaker where attendees had the chance to know each other by introducing themselves and the blogs they represent.

The icebreaker was then followed by a series of short talks from Mr. Jude Aniñon, LazerXtreme Branch Manager, about LazerXtreme; Ms. Pinky Librada, Officer-in-Charge of’s Business Development Team, about; and Ms. Pia Bernaldo,’s Business Development Officer, who encouraged bloggers to join the company’s affiliate program by presenting its benefits such as a high commission rate, free getaway trips, exciting events, and much more.

Attendees were divided into four teams—Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow—for the laser tag. To win, a team must acquire the highest score as they shoot their opponents with a laser gun within the game platform. Each body part corresponds with a certain score, and the opponent’s laser deactivates for three (3) seconds every time they are hit. Players can also score extra points every time they shoot enemy bases.

At the end of the game, which lasted for 20 minutes, Blue Team won, which composed of Nikko Madrilejo, Bedalyn Aguas (represented by her son during the game), Bae Milanes, Mikhail Rollan, and Facebook Photo Contest winner Ron Paolo Luna.


The winners took home LazerXtreme umbrellas and TravelBook Affiliate Program merchandise items.

This event is a collaborative effort of and LazerXtreme to provide quality leisure services to the Filipino market.


  1. Sakura kura says

    Wow, I thought for a moment that you had declare a cyber war with another blogger with your title. Haha. Glad that ti si just laser tag.

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