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LUMINAZE Skin Tone Illuminator

Corrects dark spots. And we can prove it. – Luminaze

Want wonderful skin like all your favourite celebrities? Want your skin to look lustrous and glow? Well fall into your closest Nordstrom or “The Bay” shop (only in Canada!) and choose up your Luminaze black identify elimination lotion today! Luminaze is secure for all skin shades and all ethnicities. It is hydroquinone-free and is skin specialist examined and accepted so it’s an assurance it’s secure for your skin. It’s also scen-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic. You use it twice a day after washing your face and that is it. It’s easy, it works well, and it’s not extremely pricey.

Luminaze is a non-prescriptive yet in the same way effective substances of ELURE Modern Skin Whitening Lotion. Proven to improve evening hours of epidermis skin tones in just 7 days, unveiling a better, brighter skin.

For all pet fans, Luminaze is NOT examined on animals! Luminaze will not brun your skin or cause white-colored or irregular skin color. It will not crack down or eliminate your freckles. Luminaze is not a replace ment for your everyday lotion or SPF. You will still need to use these. So what are you holding out for? Luminaze is all that you need and it really works! Try it out for yourself, you will not repent it!

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