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Self Discovery 2019

Some Things We Need to be Reminded of this 2019

People will always tell us that we should be living our lives to the fullest, but what does that even mean? 

Personally, I don’t think living life to the fullest means making a lot of money, or buying a plane ticket, or going to a different party every night, or getting the trendiest clothes or the latest gadgets.

It is living exactly how you want to, living your truth. It is not supposed to be lived by other people’s standards or opinions. You should live your life being who you are so unapologetically that your spirits shine bright enough to warm the world.

It is about doing all of the things that make you happy because the world has enough people doing things just to pass time, things that depress their soul instead of making them feel alive.

It is knowing that you are connected with everything and everyone around you. Feeling that you are connected with everything and everyone. 

Living the life that you came to this earth to experience, to enjoy life. Loving with the fullness of your heart, loving this life, loving the people you have crossed-path, and the things you are witnessing and the adventures you are living.

You are exactly where you are deemed to be. Continue exploring and finding and moving. All of your feelings, all of your thoughts, all of you is exactly why you are here today. Grip everything as part of your story.

And know that you have the power to write the rest of the book in any way that you want it to be. Be reminded to stop trying in figuring life out, but start deciding to live your life instead.

Let us anchor happiness, appreciation, and gratefulness this 2019. Let us be more understanding, compassionate and be in our truest nature. 

Preparing For Our Next Outdoor Camp

With the holiday season coming round the corner, we have planned to take our family to an outdoor camp. We had one last year and our little ones enjoyed it very much. They have been asking for a similar outing and we are too happy to oblige. We see it as a fun and healthy way of exposing them to more outdoor activities, instead of them spending most of their time with their tablets or electronic devices.

We are waiting to take some time off from our busy schedule to send our off road camper trailer to the workshop. We noticed a sign of rusting on some parts of the body of our camper trailer and it needed some touching up to contain and prevent the rust from spreading.

With constant and proper maintenance, our camper trailer will stay in good condition for us to enjoy for many more years to come. Since our kids are beginning to enjoy outdoor camps, we hope to have more similar camps. We may even consider doing outdoor camps at some nice camping sites such as traveling further away from home.

Meanwhile, we have been checking out some online websites for Jeep bumpers and comparing the prices from these websites. We are contemplating whether we should install a new one on our Jeep. We are also checking out online stores having sales promotion for Jeep bumpers, hoping to get a good bargain for the bumpers.

Aside from bumpers, we are also checking out some Jeep winches and Jeep accessories. We came across one tuff stuff website that is promoting sale for their camping gear, accessories and etc. There are a few items which we have bookmarked and we need to check out the prices before we decide on our orders.

We have also check out the reviews by their customers on this website and also on the products, and most of the reviews are very positive. Most important to take note is that the reviews on their customer service are also positive. This is a plus sign as we had some very negative experience with poor customer service provided by some online websites.

4 Vital Tips to Buy Right Safety Gear for your Bike

The right safety gear while driving a motorcycle is as important as having a fully maintained and serviced bike. Among the most important safety gears, helmet is something that is essential and without which riding a bike is not legal as well. Apart from that safety gears such as gloves, jackets, elbow and knee armor are some other important accessories that you should be equip yourself to for enhanced safety while driving a bike.

Since safety gear plays a crucial in ensuring safety during accidents, it is important that you choose accessories that are reliable and durable as well. While you can always buy motorcycle helmets for saleonline in good quality, it is vital that you shop for all other accessories keeping the following tips in mind.

Comfort is Important

Choosing what to wear for enhancing the safety from accidents does not have to be such that you compromise the comfort. So when at the time of selecting safety gears such as arm guards, knee armors and jackets, it is essential that you look for comfort along with their safety appeal. The gear should be such that fits you properly and keep you warm during winters and cool during the time of summers enabling you to enjoy your ride without facing any sort of comfort and distractions.

Buy safety gears that are visible

Safety on the road while riding a bike can be guaranteed only when you are able to follow all the safety measures. Therefore if you want to enjoy safe riding during night time or when it is dark, it is suggested that you buy protective gear for bike that come equipped with reflective panels or strips. Wear jacket, helmet and gloves that are bright in color can make you visible from a suitable distance thus alleviating the possibility of accidents to a large extent.

 Quality of safety gears

Accidents can take place anytime and can hurt your badly causing injury and trauma in plenty. However if you are equipped with right safety gear that is best in quality then it is possible that you may avoid getting injured. Therefore it is always in your best interest that you buy helmet, gloves or knee armor that are branded and are of best quality. Having the right and best quality accessories at your disposal can save your life by protecting you from injuries that could have resulted from accident. So it is always suggested that you invest your money in purchasing protection gear that are branded and best in quality.

Try before buy

Whether you are buying gloves, knee armor or all season motorcycle jackets, it is always a good idea to try the product before you buy. You should look to try by wearing the product for a little time to make sure that it fits you properly and you are comfortable in it. You can also try and ride your bike while wearing the safety gear as it would give you the proper idea about the suitability of the protection gear in respect to your posture on the bike. Always remember to check the quality label and buy genuine products because safety while riding is crucial as it about your life and death.

5 Areas Where Bugs Are Most Prevalent & How to Prevent Them From Entering Your Home

Recent research suggests there are areas in your home where bugs like to congregate. These areas are preferred over others either for the resources or convenience the location offers. Here is a look at the five places you’re most likely to find bugs in your home and how to deal with them. For a major infestation, it’s time to ask, “Where do I find pest control near me?”

  1. Under Your Carpets

Dust mites are the most common type of insect found in carpets, but many other tiny critters hide there. Some are there because they got stuck, so it’s less about how inviting your carpet is and more about it being similar to a spider’s web. Vacuum regularly to reduce the number of bugs in your carpet.

  1. In Your Common Rooms

It may not be surprising, but rooms, where people congregate, tend to be rooms where bugs are found. It could be because where a group of people gathers there is often food. Keeping these areas clean can reduce some of your pests, but if you notice any, it’s time to call for an Austin pest control service.

  1. Infesting Your Basement

Your basement is surrounded by concrete and dirt, and there are plenty of bugs living in the dirt. They’ll find their way in through cracks in the concrete or make their way down from the ground floor. If you rarely visit your basement, then it feels much safer to these critters. Regularly visiting and inspecting your basement can take care of some of these freeloaders.

  1. Near Your Doors and Windows

It could be because bugs are so small and don’t want to travel far once they’ve found a warm, safe place indoors, but near your windows and doors is a great place to look for bugs. To reduce the number of bugs in your home, you can double-check all your doors and windows. If there are any cracks or drafts, you may want to replace these items.

  1. Where the Snacks Are

Pests are driven by the need to survive, meaning they need shelter and food. Your home provides both, especially if you don’t store your food in airtight containers. Another consideration is whether someone in your home squirrels away snacks for later. These can be less protected and more inviting to pests.

Part of eliminating pests in your home is to know where they typically nest. Keep these areas clean and inspect them regularly for signs of unwanted guests.

🏡 Cozy Zen Home with Great Views in Poblacion, Makati City

If you want to take a staycation in Makati for the coming weekends yet don’t want to pay too much, you have a cheaper alternative. Book this cozy, airy, and beautiful zen home with great views in Poblacion, Makati City.

I am starting a new travel series on my blog where I will be sharing Airbnb homes I’ve stayed. I have been staying and jumping from one home to another whenever I have the budget. For my first entry, I stayed in Poblacion, Makati City for two days. 💓 This is my most favorite home so far, not because it is spacious and cozy but the host was so generous to provide compliments like tea, coffee, and beer.

The Bedroom

It is perfect for one person or a couple. It has 1 bedroom with a super comfy bed. The whole area gets a ton of natural sunlight throughout the day! The bedroom has a wide glass window and a small glass window on the side. Each corner of the room has lamps and light fixtures where you can set to different lighting variety, depending on your mood. I liked it dim during the night.

The Kitchen

I wasn’t prepared for the kitchen. I should have read all the details about this home. The kitchen is fully equipped. It is complete with kitchenware, utensils, and cookware. You can even enjoy the sound of grinding coffee beans if you want to prepare your coffee. A bottle of tea and two bottles of beer were available as a treat from the host. The kitchen offers more than any other hotel suites out there, IMO. I would definitely book this Airbnb home than booking a hotel.

The Living Room

You get to see a panoramic view of Makati through a wide window glass when chilling in the living room. It also gives light to the whole room. This home sits on the fourth floor of a boutique condominium. The view is perfect during both day and night. The cross breeze throughout the unit when the windows are open is truly amazing. The living room has a Samsung 42″ LCD TV with SkyCable Gold Package + ALL HD Channels, a 10mbps fast Wifi with no password via Apple Airport Extreme Router, and a DVR with prerecorded movies.

The Bath

The bathroom is simple. There’s a rain shower where you can set the temperature to hot or cold, hairdryer, toilet and bathroom items like toilet tissue, hand and bath soap, hair shampoo/conditioner, face and body towels.

The Balcony

The lanai balcony is perfect if you want to chill at night while drinking coffee, or just sit during early mornings while having a sip of coffee.

Here are other details about this home.

  • The unit features lightning fast 50Mbps WIFI with Apple Airport Extreme Router and all HD channels for business types as well as TV aficionados and sports lovers. The DVR has prerecorded movies and allows you to record shows as well.
  • 58sqm (625 sqft) apartment with modern furniture.
  • Aircon in the Living Room and Quiet Split Aircon in the bedroom, both with remotes.
  • A queen-size floating bed with a hotel pillow-top orthopedic mattress (60″x78″; 1,5m*1,9m), soft pillows and a lightweight comforter.
  • A wooden dining table with four stool chairs that seats four.
  • A quality black leather couch with pillows.
  • A vibrant blue club chair
  • A coffee table and zen glass topped end-tables
  • A storage closet with quality wooden hangers.
  • A stainless kitchen with top of the line fridge, stove, and range hood.
  • Under-lit cabinet lighting.
  • Quality glassware including white wine, red wine and whiskey glasses with ample ice and free filtered water.
  • Two full length wooden framed mirrors.
  • A Honeywell safe for your valuables that fits 15” laptops.
  • Large Fishel Paykel Stainless Fridge, La Germania Stove with convection oven and range hood, Samsung Microwave, filtered water on tap, a toaster, a rice cooker, iron with ironing board, and a built-in water heater.
  • Ironclad Cookware, Cutlery, Gordon Ramsey stoneware, utensils, placemats, beer and wine openers plus spatulas, cheese graters, whisk as well as a bottomless supply of filtered water as well as 5 filled water carafes in the fridge.
  • High thread count COSCO hospitality series linens from the USA.
  • Quality curtains on all windows.
  • Laundry service is provided in the building.

If you need a home for a staycation, I highly suggest this Airbnb home. You’ll surely enjoy your stay because I did. I will definitely come back. 💕

🚨 Did you know that you can get Php1,100 or USD21 travel credit 💰 on your first Airbnb trip? Just register to Airbnb using this link and enjoy this treat. If you have any question, feel free to comment on this post, or send me an email at or use my contact page.


Protect Your Style With GO!TECHS Waterproof Spray

Isn’t it a bummer when your outfit is on point then the weather decided to release all its rain on you? It’ll just ruin your style and mood. Yes, your umbrella and jacket can help but not with your shoes, especially when you’re the type of person who likes to wear white shoes all the time. We know when there’s rain, there’s mud. And we don’t want mud covering our shoes. I tell you this isn’t cool for me especially I am not a fan of washing my shoes.

The good news is that a waterproof spray made in Taiwan is now available in the Philippines to protect our shoes from the rain, mud and stains. GO!TECHS is the first chemical-oderless waterproof spray with fluorine which can form a barrier on the surface of the objects to protect againts penetration of any liquid, oil and stain effiviently without hurting the softness and breatability of materials. It also helps keep the object clean for longer and owns best effect on quick drying, waterproofing, antifouling, mildew proofing and dust proofing. Now, that’s a charm!

It is not only for our shoes, but also for clothes, bags and documents. I haven’t tried it on anything but my white shoes, and I can totally say it gave protection without compromise. And it’s easy to use. Make sure the material’s surface is cleaned and dry, and then spray it from a distance of 15-20 cm for 1-3 seconds. To avoid the slight color change on clothes after sprayed, spray it on unobvious parts first to make sure.


GO!TECHS Waterproof Spray is available for purchase on their online store with payments via credit card or Cash-On-Delivery for Philippine addresses only, and is shipped via LBC. The store is on promotional period where you can get one bottle for Php599 instead of Php800.

GO!TECHSPH Online Store | Facebook page | Youtube