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Papa John’s App vs. Uber Eats

The next time you want to order a delicious pizza, you have several choices for which app to use. For example, if you are getting vegan pizza delivery from Papa John’s, you could use the brand’s first-party app or you could use Uber Eats. Both of these apps have some advantages and disadvantages. So, you may be wondering which is the right choice.

Why Use Uber Eats

Uber Eats was a relatively late entry into the delivery app game. When others such as DoorDash and GrubHub were well-established, Uber decided to expand its ride-sharing service to include food delivery. One of the main advantages of Uber Eats is the ability to order from a large variety of restaurants, even those that don’t have their own delivery services.

The service also has good tracking of drivers due to Uber’s existing mapping and GPS technology. Compared to some delivery apps, this is relatively clear and informative.

However, the Uber Eats app is also designed to work for a wide variety of restaurants. Therefore, the ordering process is not customized to pizza. Ordering through a first-party app may be a better choice.

Why Use Papa John’s App

Papa John’s app has some powerful features that make is better for ordering pizza and other items from its menu. First, the ordering process is streamlined and more carefully designed for pizzas. If you order pizza frequently, having a more pizza-centric ordering system can save a lot of time and frustration. This is especially true if you like making custom or complicated orders.

Another advantage is that the first-party app has the cheapest pizza specials available all the time. While there are some deals available on Uber Eats and other delivery apps, the best prices are always on the Papa John’s app.

The same applies to rewards. While Uber Eats may offer some of its own rewards, the benefits of earning Papa Rewards are better for pizza lovers. You can get free pizzas, sides, drinks and more just by ordering what you love to eat. The options for rewards are significantly better through the Papa John’s app.

People who have more restrictive diets will benefit from using the Papa John’s app. For example, if you want to get the best gluten-free pizza crust, you can order it through the brand’s app. The different crust options are also available on Uber Eats; however, customizing the pizza to be exactly what you want is much easier with the restaurant’s app.


If you are looking for a new restaurant to try or want to order from somewhere that doesn’t offer delivery, consider using Uber Eats. It is a good app for general food service.

However, if you want to get your favorite pizza, use the Papa John’s app. The experience is more focused on pizza and the benefits of using it are better. With the exception of the section of restaurants, there is nothing that Uber Eats offers that the first-party app can’t offer.

Give each option a try and see what you prefer. You may be impressed by the Papa John’s app.


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