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Preparing For Our Next Outdoor Camp

With the holiday season coming round the corner, we have planned to take our family to an outdoor camp. We had one last year and our little ones enjoyed it very much. They have been asking for a similar outing and we are too happy to oblige. We see it as a fun and healthy way of exposing them to more outdoor activities, instead of them spending most of their time with their tablets or electronic devices.

We are waiting to take some time off from our busy schedule to send our off road camper trailer to the workshop. We noticed a sign of rusting on some parts of the body of our camper trailer and it needed some touching up to contain and prevent the rust from spreading.

With constant and proper maintenance, our camper trailer will stay in good condition for us to enjoy for many more years to come. Since our kids are beginning to enjoy outdoor camps, we hope to have more similar camps. We may even consider doing outdoor camps at some nice camping sites such as traveling further away from home.

Meanwhile, we have been checking out some online websites for Jeep bumpers and comparing the prices from these websites. We are contemplating whether we should install a new one on our Jeep. We are also checking out online stores having sales promotion for Jeep bumpers, hoping to get a good bargain for the bumpers.

Aside from bumpers, we are also checking out some Jeep winches and Jeep accessories. We came across one tuff stuff website that is promoting sale for their camping gear, accessories and etc. There are a few items which we have bookmarked and we need to check out the prices before we decide on our orders.

We have also check out the reviews by their customers on this website and also on the products, and most of the reviews are very positive. Most important to take note is that the reviews on their customer service are also positive. This is a plus sign as we had some very negative experience with poor customer service provided by some online websites.

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