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Quarter-Life Crisis: 10 Signs That You Are Experiencing This

It is one week before my 26th birthday. Everything in my existence seems to be on the wrong side. My work isn’t giving me excitement anymore. And going out with friends feels like impossible to do. Making a budget is totally draining. Everything is a mess, and I can’t fix it. This is my quarter-life crisis.

I started asking myself, do I really have that future of accomplishment that I thought I would have? Would I have that impact on the world that I am hoping to create? Is living now and surviving more years having a point anyway?

Quarter-life crisis, as described by The Guardian: young, insecure and depressed. I am young. I am insecure. I am depressed. And I am experiencing my quarter-life crisis. This phenomenon hits those who are in their early twenties to thirties, or those who enter the “real world” as they labeled it; or after they completed their education.

10 Signs That You Are Experiencing Quarter-Life Crisis

  1. You are reading this article right now because the title got your attention.
  2. Spotify has been your favorite app and you listened to playlists like Life Sucks, Forever Alone or Melancholia because this is what you feel inside; or to 100 Most Uplifting Songs Ever, Relax & Unwind or The Stress Buster, because you feel like you need to hear songs that can brighten up your mood and to help you survive your day.
  3. Day-dreaming about taking over your boss’s job role and imagining how stressful it will be doing his job.
  4. You get to question yourself if you’re doing enough to reach your goals. You are doubtful about your decisions because you do want no wrong at every step you make.
  5. Drained by making a budget because you spent more than you can earn. You have bills to pay for credit cards, phone bill, utilities, and you spent a lot on clothing and coffee. Thinking of how you will manage this drains your energy.
  6. Your current job can no longer deliver the excitement you need. You go to work at 8 AM and leave at 5 PM, and that’s it. No enjoyment, same routine every day.
  7. Going on a vacation to travel makes you relax but you know when you come back, everything will be the same. You feel depressed, you overthink and the crisis is there again. Then you decide to go to another travel trip because you always think traveling has answers.
  8. You’re in a long-term relationship, and you’re worried about marriage. The idea of marriage scares you and it bothers you if you’ll be good at it.
  9. You’re single for a long-term already and you’re scared that your dating card isn’t as good as before.
  10. Taking a shower, sitting on a toilet, waiting in line for a coffee, traveling in public transport, and waiting for an elevator. These usual repetitive moments in your life seem to be moments where you think of everything about your life, and where decisions are made.

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