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Updating Your Urban Style for Winter

Urban wear was an easy trend to nail in the summer. Throw on a snapback and a vest, and you were ready to soak up the sun in style. Do this in the winter, however, and you’re sure to look a fool, not to mention catching a nasty cold in the process. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you reinvent your street style this winter. Swap your t-shirts for sweatshirts It is important to be practical with your clothing choices during the winter. This doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to style though – far from it! There are a great collection of graphic printed sweatshirts on the market at the minute. Go for a dark coloured sweatshirt with a stand-out logo or imagery to inject a bit of colour into your winter wardrobe. Take a look at the range of King Apparel sweatshirts available from Capology. These quality sweatshirts are a favourite with rappers like Plan B and will easily help you nail this look. This isn’t to say you should …

Things Not to Wear When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents

You’ve reached that important part in your relationship, meeting the parents. Meeting the parents is a big deal; it can make or break a relationship. Our parents will always have a strong influence over our decisions; they have known you your entire life after all. That’s why it’s so important that you put your best foot forward and make the best impression possible. Common courtesy, respect, and intelligent conversation will also help but first impressions are very important as they are hard to change. This means having good hygiene, neat hair and smart looking clothes. The following article list what not to wear and why. Please take this advice graciously and put it to use. You owe it to your partner. Statement T-shirts This is your first time meeting them; there is no need to start political debates. Look for neutral men’s tees or men’s singlets. This does not mean you have to be boring just try avoiding political and humour t-shirt. They may not have the same point of view as you. Humorous t-shirts …

Fashion Reflects You

Fashion has been now an important part of my life right after high school. Entering college made me realize how important my fashion will project my image and personality. And after trying many course of fashion styles, I came across with more of my taste, the urban style. Having perused a number of sites including Urban Male Clothing’s array of items I was particularly impressed with their range of DrunknMunky collection where I can be myself wearing them. I now consider myself as someone who wears contemporary t-shirts, striped or checkered long sleeves polo, and leather shoes. And I like what my fashion statement is. How about you? What is your fashion statement?