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11 Things you Need to Know About Dating an Online Shopper

Dating nowadays is not as easy as we would have thought. Finding the perfect match is not as easy as buying an item from an online shop. But what we find interesting is that there is a growing pool of relationship prospects which belong to those who scout, hunt, and bargain for the best deals online – they are the online shoppers. This collaborative article of Lazada and its Facebook followers, take you through the 11 things you would need to know when you find yourself dating an online shopper – and trust us, you would never look at online shoppers the same way again. Terrific Knowledge Power. To make purchases less risky, online shoppers research extensively to make sure they have made the right choice. You name it; your biodata, Facebook, and other social media have been checked since they want to know you from head to toe. Expressions Super Gigantic. They are honest and super vocal on things that’s why they love sharing product reviews. You have to wait what they’ll say about …, the Philippines’ 1st exclusive online dating website for professionals, is finally going live.

The country’s first exclusive online dating website for professionals DIPTYC.PH is now going live on October 14, 2015!   Less than a week from now, the country’s first exclusive online dating website for professionals, is finally going live on October 14, 2015. Coming from the Greek word “diptych” (pronounced as /dip-tik/) which means two artworks hinged together, Diptyc aims to build a community of likeminded fun and driven single professionals – to hopefully debunk the stigma of online dating. “A lot of people still think dating sites are for people who are ‘desperately looking for love’ – Diptyc is simple all about connecting likeminded people who you would not necessarily cross paths with in your real life. It’s about making your network a lot bigger — who knows, you might meet your future friend, business partner, travel buddy and maybe if you’re lucky, that special someone,” says CEO and Founder Jean-Jacques Lafon. Unlike other online dating platforms, the sign up process plays an important role. Aside from creating your own username (yes, it’s …