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I was inspired by Honestly WTF to make my own version of her Hex Nut Bracelet. Well, a super different look. I decided to make a double wrap bracelet and use the nuts like beads. I really, really love the results. I hope you try it yourself and be creative about it. Continue reading for the tutorial. Materials: 1.Nylon Rope (1 1/2 yard) 2.Hex Nuts (I used 6-Sided Nuts) 3.Scissors 4.Yarn (Optional) Just follow the steps above. I hope you guys understand. It’s very simple. 1.Take the nylon rope and bend it in half. Make sure that it will wrap 2 times on your wrist. 2.Take the frayed end of your rope and tie a knot. 3.Then tie another knot where you want to place your hex nuts. 4.Slide in the Hex Nuts and repeat step 3 until you get your desired design. 5. Then use the yarn to embellish your bracelet. (Optional) Voila….your very own Double-Wrap Bracelet DIY source:

Blogger Interview: Zirjaye Santos

BLOG | PORTFOLIO | LOOKBOOK | TUMBLR | TWITTER | FACEBOOK Do you remember when you first became interested in fashion? The earliest memory of how fashion started to exist in my entity (and of what I am now) would probably when I started playing around with my clothes during high school. I really wanted to be different ever since. But unfortunately I wasn’t raised with a well-off kind of lifestyle. So I needed to exert more creativity ad effort on how I could flaunt my look. That time I still wasn’t aware of D.I.Y.s (Do It Yourself as we call it in Lookbook.)

Blogger Interview: Karl Philip Leuterio

BLOG | CLOTHING LINE | LOOKBOOK | CHICTOPIA Do you remember when you first became interested in fashion? Like really really interested? I think its in the year 2009 when I joined online fashion wardrobe sites like Chictopia and Lookbook. It was reaffirmed all the more when I attended Philippine Fashion Week. I was greatly amazed. I told myself that one day I’ll be part of this circle. Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging. I was a nurse for 3 years. It was a fun job but everyday seem repetitive. I was bored so I needed an outlet. Right now I’m into designing. I have a clothing line named PARADIGM SHIFT ( with my good friend , Mike. Also, I design RTW (ready-to-wear) shoes for a local brand Gold Dot. It’s now available on Solestruck.  I love reading blogs… fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, etc. and when you are an enthusiast, you begin to wonder and dream more. Can I blog too? Can I write interesting things that readers would appreciate? So I started mine. I can say that blogging has become …