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Go Green with Riz Boardshorts

It’s a simple idea. Riz Boardshorts set up their organization with the effort of generating the most wonderful and ecological boardshorts in the world! The fashionable boardshorts are eco-friendly and made from 100% reusable and eco friendly cotton, as well as being electronically created with world helpful water ink in the UK. Riz is a store brand that attracts the style smart man at the seaside. Each design is created in small, unique operates using unique printing presenting styles motivated by companies Expenses Morris. Developing is very in fashion in style groups currently, and these bermuda certainly suit your purposes for the style aware man reader.  Each unique piece is hand designated, making them every more special and unique. The organization has a Rizcycling program. Basically they are asking owners of Riz boardshorts to wear them out until no longer needed. Deliver it returning to Riz, who sends the components returning to the flower where they will be reusable into new poly components. To compensate you for enjoying the Rizcycling program they will give you …

Rolex Watches – Luxury personified

When it comes to leaders in the world of luxury watches, it is fair to say that Rolex are sitting at the head of the top table and understandably so given the calibre of the high-end men’s and ladies watches that they produce… Rolex were founded in London in 1905 and are headquartered in Geneva in Switzerland – home of some of the world’s most prestigious and well-regarded watchmakers. Rolex watches are utterly synonymous with luxury and quality and considered one of the ultimate status symbols and signs of success. The beauty of Rolex watches is just how stylish and impeccably designed all their luxury timepieces are and with superb collections like the Rolex Daytona, Datejust and GMT Master. Some of their most striking luxury watches include: Rolex Daytona watches were first produced in the early 1960’s and rapidly became one of the luxury watchmaker’s most famous collections. Original versions of Rolex Daytona watches from the era when they were first beginning to be produced are now nothing short of iconic – so if you …

Top 10 Sunglasses 2012

Here at  Pick of the Week we have put together a choice of the best eyewear that we’ve come across. We might not have to be able to use the best eyewear in the UK but the value of looking awesome and maintaining your sight secured when the sun does put it’s hat on cannot be burdened enough. Whether you are looking for well known manufacturers like Rayban and Persol or smaller known manufacturers like Von Zip or Vintage Extremely Futures trading we’ve collected an excellent choice of the best men’s eyewear on the net. Look awesome, relaxed and gathered in a breaking couple of men’s eyewear september. Alexander McQueen Sunglasses With Summer well and truly upon us why not grab yourself a pair of these bobby dazzling Alexander MacQueen sunglasses. A slightly different take on the classic wayfarer style shade with a classic brown tortoise shell frame, you’ll look the business in these bad boys.

Icon of Style: Sam Lambert

Last year at Pitti Uomo in Florence, Kanye West rocked up without warning and was often papped with this guy. His name is Sam Lambert and another icon of style in our books. His dad was a tailor so he had his first bespoke suit at just 5 years old… He spent years learning on Savile Row with Ozwald Boateng being his boss and he is now currently head of design for Spencer Hart. We love his summer styling with his shirt sleeves rolled high to keep cool whilst also giving the impression of being ‘hard at work’. The men’s accessories items he has chosen are fun and playful, so he’s managed to pull off a ‘work’ and ‘play’ style in one meaning he can head straight off to the after party. Clever boy! Red braces White shirt Striped Tie