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The Rebirth of the Slogan T-shirt

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or blogs, we’re always looking for a creative outlet to make a statement. Nowadays, even the fashion world is stepping in to help us do so. Previously, slogan t-shirts were resigned to the cringe-inducing likes of David Hasselhoff, with his now iconic ‘Don’t hassle the Hoff’ number. However, 2013 has seen the slogan t-shirt revamped and reworked and it is now more fashionable than ever. Here are some of our favourites that let your clothes do the talking… ASOS T-Shirt With Lionel Ritchie Print – $21.36   When you think of Lionel Ritchie, you may not instantly think of him as a supercool style icon. However, although you may not want to admit it, how many times have you found yourself singing along to his 1984 hit, ‘Hello’? This fun t-shirt is a great way of showing your sense of humour and cheeky side, and will be a great conversation starter. We wonder how many people will sing ‘…is it me you’re looking for?’ to you when you’re wearing it. Lazy …

Barbour Camo Jacket Options

Of all my friends who own, wear and love a specific Barbour, each one of them has plenty of reasons or uses, as to why it is their favorite. For Spring, I’m specifically a fan of both the Bourne Camo Jacket and Quilted Highfield Jacket, and I’m torn between which option to pick up. These jackets both have Barbour’s specially made camo which is made up of a hunter, dog and his goose. Of course, they are different in cut, details and use, but I could see myself owning either based on the mild climate I live in. • Left – Waxed Cotton Bourne Camo Jacket• Right – Quilted Highfield Jacket Which would you choose? Bourne Camo JacketQuilted Highfield Jacket