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5 Areas Where Bugs Are Most Prevalent & How to Prevent Them From Entering Your Home

Recent research suggests there are areas in your home where bugs like to congregate. These areas are preferred over others either for the resources or convenience the location offers. Here is a look at the five places you’re most likely to find bugs in your home and how to deal with them. For a major infestation, it’s time to ask, “Where do I find pest control near me?”

  1. Under Your Carpets

Dust mites are the most common type of insect found in carpets, but many other tiny critters hide there. Some are there because they got stuck, so it’s less about how inviting your carpet is and more about it being similar to a spider’s web. Vacuum regularly to reduce the number of bugs in your carpet.

  1. In Your Common Rooms

It may not be surprising, but rooms, where people congregate, tend to be rooms where bugs are found. It could be because where a group of people gathers there is often food. Keeping these areas clean can reduce some of your pests, but if you notice any, it’s time to call for an Austin pest control service.

  1. Infesting Your Basement

Your basement is surrounded by concrete and dirt, and there are plenty of bugs living in the dirt. They’ll find their way in through cracks in the concrete or make their way down from the ground floor. If you rarely visit your basement, then it feels much safer to these critters. Regularly visiting and inspecting your basement can take care of some of these freeloaders.

  1. Near Your Doors and Windows

It could be because bugs are so small and don’t want to travel far once they’ve found a warm, safe place indoors, but near your windows and doors is a great place to look for bugs. To reduce the number of bugs in your home, you can double-check all your doors and windows. If there are any cracks or drafts, you may want to replace these items.

  1. Where the Snacks Are

Pests are driven by the need to survive, meaning they need shelter and food. Your home provides both, especially if you don’t store your food in airtight containers. Another consideration is whether someone in your home squirrels away snacks for later. These can be less protected and more inviting to pests.

Part of eliminating pests in your home is to know where they typically nest. Keep these areas clean and inspect them regularly for signs of unwanted guests.

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