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The Sunday Currently | 04

I missed writing Sunday Currently entries! Well, I miss(ed) writing in general. It’s been a while since the last time my fingers went to function. I don’t know but I don’t have the drive in writing on my blog anymore. You know I have this on and off relationship with blogging. Maybe I just don’t have the spirit to express my thoughts anymore. It is upsetting because I feel like I am to lose a part of myself. But hey, today’s a good time to write.

Sundays are usually my most unproductive day even I have the whole day for myself. The normal routine was to sleep all day and watch movies or TV shows at night. But today, I was able to spend “quality” time with Dann (my boyfriend). We were up early than the usual wake up time. We continued watching The OA. Well, I have watched the first season weeks ago, but Dann has three more episodes to finish it.



Monday Coffee’s Flat White. I am a fan of coffee that’s why I can’t start my day at work without having a cup of coffee, whether iced or hot.


Stick-O Chocolate Wafer Stick.


My usual white tank shirt and boxers.


to gain weight and clear scarring on my face. Gaining weight has been like a forever dream for me. I am a skinny guy if you guys don’t know. The thing is I stand 5’10” and underweight. Di ba? Kakairita. Last December I started having acne for some reason. Now, I am having a hard time removing facial blemishes and scarring.


I miss my family. It’s been months since I went home. I missed Christmas and NYE.


Beach shorts, and money. So our Boracay trip is almost two weeks away and I still don’t have anything to wear. I’ll go with plain comfy shirts, but I only have one decent shorts that I can use. I still need to save more money for the trip as well. I don’t want to be there with sapat lang na pera.


The Sunday Currently! I started this series last September 20, 2015. It’s a shame because there’s a total of 67 Sundays since I started and this is just my fourth entry. But, I have all night to finish this entry.


TEAM Magazine! I started reading local magazines last year after my friend introduced Scout Magazine. It’s a free magazine that you can get in different stores like Fullybooked, National Bookstore, coffee shops and more. I finished reading TEAM’s Issue #7 featuring Boy Abunda as the issue cover.


Acoustic Favorites! I stumbled upon this playlist on Spotify yesterday and I have liked the songs on the playlist. Well, this might not be new to most people who has Spotify since I believe this playlist is always featured or shown in the Browse section, but yesterday was my first time to listen to it. You guys might want to check if you haven’t.


about getting my own condo unit. I am currently renting a condominium for almost a year now in Mandaluyong because it’s near my workplace. I only have to walk when going to work. But lately, I realized I have been spending a lot on bills mostly with the condo and utility rents. My mom told me why not get my own instead of renting. Getting my own is an investment and a good way to earn money as well if I wanted it to be rented in the future. Anyway, I still have a lot to consider and learn if I will get one.


So how did your Sunday go? Tell me about it.

SiddaThornton is the original creator of the series The Sunday Currently.



  1. I miss writing this series! The last time was last year around mid-year, I think! Sunday is my landian time with my boyfriend din! Hahaha. Better start the week right, right? I love listening to acoustic songs – it’s SO relaxing. Or sometimes I listen to country songs.
    That’s what people always say, it’s better to buy your own condo than shell out on rent. But it’s going to be a long commitment.

    I want to gain weight too! It has been my problem since forever. I’m trying to eat 2000 calories a day. I hope it’ll help me gain weight.

    • We (Dann) stay in the same place together so I guess landian is like everyday. Char.
      I’m still thinking of buying my own condo. Medyo matagal nga talaga sya bayaran.

      I tried this meal program last year where a company will deliver you counted calorie meal everyday, in my case 3000 calories. Kaso di umepek. Ang mahal na, nganga naman sa resulta.

  2. Wow. Maybe i should do this series as well. you really should just get your own condo unit if the amount you are currently paying is more or less similar to the amount you will be spending on getting your own.

    • Oo nga e. It’s getting a huge part of my salary, tbh. 🙁
      Yeah, you try The OA. Ang ganda nya. Thou medyo mabagal buildup ng character.

  3. These series are so fun to read! I love it. Also, talk about being broke. I need to start saving or find a part time job… Anyways, I’m sorry to hear about acne, it’s a spawn of a devil for sure. Scarring takes a long time to heal, usually up to 3 months. Try using tea tree oil or lemon to treat it. Also, drinking more water helps to clear it faster 🙂
    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • I started using lemon to treat my facial issue. Geez, I’m not much of a water drinker. But I better should be now.

  4. I haven’t catched up for the long time with the Sunday Currently series! I’ll probably write one on the weekend. LA’s right. It’s hard to keep up with your blog when you’re working full time or have school. Even though I wanna update my blog every week, I can’t just do that. There’s a lot of priorities to finish fist.

  5. That would be so awesome if you could have your own place and have a great investment. It would certainly be a really big thing and would take some time to think about. 🙂

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