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The Sunday Currently | 01

I’ve been missing the way we bloggers used to write our entries on our blogs. We used to write posts about everything personal, tag co-bloggers for chain-topics, give awards, send GIFs as gifts, and exchange banners and blog comments. Nowadays, most of the bloggers make blogs to earn money. Only a few bloggers stick with diary style.

And I’m continuing writing personal entries with this blog series— The Sunday Currently. This has been famous with personal bloggers to write about what happened on their entire week. Hope I get a lot of readers, share most of my boring happenings with my life lately.



watching clips from Me, Earl And The Dying Girl movie. Went to watch the movie last Wednesday alone at SM Megamall. The movie is recommended for deep thinkers and to lost souls as well (I guessed). I kinda thought that sapiosexuals should watch the movie because they’ll get to experience f*cking their brains out. I slept with a crying heart. I want a Greg.


reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I’ve been reading this since like forever and haven’t finished this book yet. I’m like half way finishing it, and hoping to finish this before September ends. I believe they’re making a movie out of the book, and Book II is out already. Maybe a few pages today.


thinking I should save money for travel or do some adventurous getaway. Climb mountains, perhaps?


feeling tired after yesterday’s trekking but the experience was fun. My aunt, uncle and I decided to climb the mountain to witness Buntot Palos Falls’s wonderful scenery. We trekked for two hours up, and an hour going down. I’ll post a separate blog entry about this soon.


clicking a few personal blog sites.I kinda have to earn a circle and make friends.


listening to Paolo Onesa’s album. You gotta listen to him as well to know why I’m hooked. And boy, he’s a cutie.

See my blog featured image. It’s from the trekking experience yesterday.



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