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Things I Should Start/Stop Doing

Because I seriously need to get my life together.


  1. Running – I hate sports or sports hates me. IDK. But I want to start running because I feel like I’m physically unfit. I don’t want to wait for that moment when my strength is needed, and I don’t have any to offer.
  2. Drinking water – I’m no water drinker. To be honest, I cannot complete eight glasses of water every day. I would say I only consume two glasses of water, and that’s a shame. I replace water with colored drink; usually coffee and tea. People would notice that my lips were dry. So, I downloaded an app to remind me on drinking water. It’s called WaterMinder.
  3. Blogging more – Years before, I usually update my blog regularly, exchange comments with my fellow bloggers, and attend blogger meetups. This was the time when blogging is all about sharing. But now, things have changed. People blog solely to earn. I have visited famous bloggers in the Philippines and I noticed that they do not reply to comments. But there are still a few bloggers who writes, shares and replies— trying to make friends and bond online. I hope to attend events or activities soon so that I have something to write other than my life story.
  4. Writing notes – I should start writing notes about everything whether about travel, daily reminders, lists, etc. Can someone recommend a good Midori alternative?


  1. Worrying about people who don’t give a shit, and not taking life seriously.
  2. Compulsive spending. I have to ditch spending so much on things I can live without. I have decided to stop my subscription on Apple Music since I have Spotify Premium already. I will not be renewing Netflix since I can watch and download videos online without spending. Will make lunches for work instead of buying pricey food.
  3. Overthinking. ‘Cause it kills.
  4. Sleeping late. I work at night and it’s really hard sleeping at daytime. My body clock isn’t adjusted on this kind of schedule even I’ve been working at night for more than a year already. Another reason of keeping me awake is the internet. You know what I’m talking about.



  1. I wish I could start doing a sport too. I always say i will start doing a sport, but I end up giving up :(. Don’t worry about the water. Try to replace it with soups, fruits, tea, juice. You don’t have to drink pure water, you have to keep yourself hydrated by drinking water when you’re thirsty and trying to eat food that contains water. Our body has a natural mechanism on regulating water intake and excretion.I have an agenda where I handwrite everything I have to do, and I bought a magnet notebook that I put on my fridge to write reminders there. Also I use S noted on my phone to write down ideas and random stuff when I don’t have my agenda with me.

    I have a problem with overthinking too. And it consumes me a lot, I have to stop doing that, because no matter how much I think about something what is meant to happen will happen.

    I stopped giving a shit about what people think about me a long time ago. I started being selfish and I started to keep only a few people close to me and their opinion matter to me only. People will say mean stuff about you no matter what and you can’;t change that in any way. Let them talk:D

    Cristina –

    • I’m scared I might end up cold/stone-hearted. I usually has the same level of giving a shit on people, whether too much or nothing at all.
      You’re right about overthinking consuming a person a lot.

      Thanks for the tips. I should start living a healthy life. πŸ™‚

  2. I agree with you too! I restarted DDR in the form of Stepmania and find it gives me purpose and a reason to exercise, you know? I too, had a problem with overthinking and while they can be killer, we can learn to control and get over them. Good luck with all your doings and goals!

  3. Ha! Exactly what i should start/stop doing. Gosh I’ve been feeling so lost lately. There are things that I tell myself to start doing, but somehow I just could not get myself to do it. So frustrating πŸ™
    Re: blogging, so true. Its discouraging actually but I want to blog about other stuff as well. Topics that people might find helpful, not because it’s the trend but because it has value in it. but again, i did not have the motivation or inspiration to blog lately πŸ™

    I find myself thinking a lot too. It’s a jumble of so many things that I find myself just stuck and not really doing anything productive.

    About writing, in my case I have my coffee bean and tea leaf gift giving journal. They give journals every year in exchange of buying from them of course. But I am thinking of switching to bullet journaling next year instead. Just buy a plain notebook and decorate, design it myself. You can search more about bullet journaling on google, it might interest you πŸ™‚

    • I’m actually on a hunt looking for a journal with blank notes. Unfortunately, those that I found were too expensive. I like Midori, or the cheaper version, Fauxdori.

  4. I was going to go to the gym at my university. Unfortunately, I have a midterm coming up. I have to study for it. I’ll probably go after I’m done with this midterm exam. I do go out walking on the weekends at night.
    I need to drink more water too. I tend to drink a lot of caffeine. I used to drink soda every day. I also used to drink two cups of coffee every day. I decided to stop when my doctor told me my sugar level is borderline. I drink one caffeine and the rest of the day is water. I’ll drink more caffeine if I need it.

    At first, I didn’t know what to blog or content to put on my site. Later on, I just blog about random stuff. I also put content of stuff that I like. If people don’t leave and return comments, then I don’t bother to visit their blog.

    Google Calendar is good to use. It reminds me of upcoming events for that day or the next day. There’s a lot of apps that you can create a task list of what you need to do. When your done, you can check it off or cross it off.

    I’m learning not worrying about people who don’t give a shit, and not taking life seriously. They’re just not worth the time. Life is too short.

    I don’t really spend unless I have to spend. All my money goes to bills. I love Spotify except for the commercials. I like my Netflix too.

  5. I wanted to run too, but I really can’t do it. Napapagod ako agad! Haha so I joined zumba classes and yoga sessions instead. Chillax lang and nakaka-enjoy, so no pressure.
    I also don’t drink water a lot. πŸ™ I’ve tried an app before but it didn’t work on me. I lack self-discipline talaga! But I’m still trying naman haha

    Super agree on your #3 point! I have also visited blogs of “big bloggers” and they don’t seem to reply on the comments? What more return comments! Haha Nakakamiss dati na freely ka nagbabloghop, read blogposts and comments, tas hindi feeling task yung pagrereturn ng comments. Iba na ang blogosphere ngayon! Parang di na nga uso personal blogs eh, konti nalang nakikita ko.

    Wishing you goodluck on stopping yourself from spending! Kaloka ka, pede ka nga naman magdownload nalang, wag ka na mag-netflix! Ikain mo nalang yang pera mo para tumaba ka naman kahit konti. Haha.

      • Push mo yung yoga! Mas bet ko sya kesa sa running! Pagpapawisan ka sa yoga pero di nakakapagod hahaha
        Hahaha nako sana mayaman nalang tayo noh haha

    • That’s okay. I was referring to people na talagang walang reply or magcomment back talaga. As in post lang sila ng post about their advertisements and sponsors. Hihi.
      Let’s get physically healthy na. 2017. HAHA

  6. I relate to this. I should start drinking more water, and run. Stop my compulsive spending and sleeping late πŸ™‚

  7. I can totally relate to some. I’ve been thinking of making a blogging community here in Bataan but I think I’m the only one here even though I’ve been using some hashtags that could somehow bring Bataan bloggers in some engagement for how many times already. I want to experience what other bloggers are experiencing β€” getting to meet old and new bloggers and building a strong community. I always bring a water bottle/tumbler with me to remind me to always drink plenty of water. I also put a water bottle on my study table so every time I’d look at it, it would remind me to drink again. I also am thinking of getting back to exercising when it’s already my sembreak. Hehe! ^_^
    Good luck with these changes! Will you update us about your improvements soon?

    Augustin Ra β€’ Indie Spirit
    Twitter β€’ Facebook β€’ Instagram

    • Sure, well if there will be improvements. T.T Using hashtag is a start. You wouldn’t notice there will be a lot of bloggers in Bataan in time.

  8. I can totally relate to all of the things on your list! I also work at night and it sucks so bad. I’m also guilty of being a compulsive buyer, I always say that I’m saving up but when I see something I really like (esp if limited edition) I would snatch it right away. πŸ™
    BUT, we can do this. We just have to believe in ourselves! Haha. Good luck to us!

    Melissa the Mermaid β™₯

  9. It’s like you looked into my brain and pulled out my own list. I too need to work on becoming healthier, and stop worrying and overthinking.

  10. Just a tip for running… I’ve been athletic my entire life but I. do. not. run. I HATE it so much… I workout regularly and find that doing cardio between my workouts (jump roping, burpees, mountain climbers, other stuff like that) is INFINITELY easier.

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