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Things I Should Start/Stop Doing

Because I seriously need to get my life together.


  1. Running – I hate sports or sports hates me. IDK. But I want to start running because I feel like I’m physically unfit. I don’t want to wait for that moment when my strength is needed, and I don’t have any to offer.
  2. Drinking water – I’m no water drinker. To be honest, I cannot complete eight glasses of water every day. I would say I only consume two glasses of water, and that’s a shame. I replace water with colored drink; usually coffee and tea. People would notice that my lips were dry. So, I downloaded an app to remind me on drinking water. It’s called WaterMinder.
  3. Blogging more – Years before, I usually update my blog regularly, exchange comments with my fellow bloggers, and attend blogger meetups. This was the time when blogging is all about sharing. But now, things have changed. People blog solely to earn. I have visited famous bloggers in the Philippines and I noticed that they do not reply to comments. But there are still a few bloggers who writes, shares and replies— trying to make friends and bond online. I hope to attend events or activities soon so that I have something to write other than my life story.
  4. Writing notes – I should start writing notes about everything whether about travel, daily reminders, lists, etc. Can someone recommend a good Midori alternative?


  1. Worrying about people who don’t give a shit, and not taking life seriously.
  2. Compulsive spending. I have to ditch spending so much on things I can live without. I have decided to stop my subscription on Apple Music since I have Spotify Premium already. I will not be renewing Netflix since I can watch and download videos online without spending. Will make lunches for work instead of buying pricey food.
  3. Overthinking. ‘Cause it kills.
  4. Sleeping late. I work at night and it’s really hard sleeping at daytime. My body clock isn’t adjusted on this kind of schedule even I’ve been working at night for more than a year already. Another reason of keeping me awake is the internet. You know what I’m talking about.



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