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Things Not to Wear When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents

You’ve reached that important part in your relationship, meeting the parents. Meeting the parents is a big deal; it can make or break a relationship. Our parents will always have a strong influence over our decisions; they have known you your entire life after all. That’s why it’s so important that you put your best foot forward and make the best impression possible. Common courtesy, respect, and intelligent conversation will also help but first impressions are very important as they are hard to change. This means having good hygiene, neat hair and smart looking clothes. The following article list what not to wear and why. Please take this advice graciously and put it to use. You owe it to your partner.


Statement T-shirts

This is your first time meeting them; there is no need to start political debates. Look for neutral men’s tees or men’s singlets. This does not mean you have to be boring just try avoiding political and humour t-shirt. They may not have the same point of view as you. Humorous t-shirts about sex, drugs, politics and religion are great to share with mates but not your partner’s parents. You don’t want to offend them; you don’t want a more difficult situation for yourself. You’ll already be stressed.

Common sense

You will most likely be meeting your partners parents indoors so don’t wear a hat. If you do it is common manners that you take it off when inside. They want to see your face, so stop hiding. Parents will appreciate that you have manners and therefore a considerate person. It’s the simple things that can make the biggest impact.

This is no race

Don’t wear athletic clothing; you should try to dress up for this occasion. This means no sport jerseys. This will avoid an awkward situation of finding out that your partner’s parents support a different team. This discovery could stunt the conversation. You get some insider information from your partner about this but this should be used as a conversation starter, not a dress suggestion.
Don’t stress! Your partner enjoys your company and therefore their parents will be accepting of you. Seeing their child happy in turn makes them happy. Presenting yourself nicely will help make a strong first impression and leave a positive memory. You want to show off your personality in the best light, almost like a job interview. Don’t give up your personality and unique identity but enhance it. You just want to be a more versatile you. Take these tips on board and make a great impression. Hitting it off with the parents will only strengthen your relationship.

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