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Top 3 Pick Designer’s Men Shoes

Shoes are my addiction. That makes me a shoe addict. A shoe-addict’s life is dominated by the constant hunt for the perfect shoe. It’s not always about the pleasure of buying: sometimes it’s just good to know that something special is out there, available, and you can visit from time to time to say “hi”. It’s like the only thing I find more stress-relieving than smoking or good wine is stroking my favourite shoes. I would like to share my top three (3) pick of shoes that I consider perfect.


1. This shoe has a hybrid concept. It was made on a technical nylon and this is perfect for windbreaker jackets or some other type of outerwear.

2. Evolving classic lines with comfort. That’s what I best described this new designer men’s shoes.

3. And last, my favourite pair of shoes. I love this because it’s my safe pick shoe. I wear this if I am not sure if I should dress for the business meeting, or dress for the party.

These shoes are perfect for any occasion and any season of the year. You can wear them while doing something that makes you want to sip some lemonade on a warm day in the park. These new designer men’s shoes has tons to offer – high tops, low tops, loafers, wingtip, leather, suede, denim….(pause for a quick breath)…. laces, no laces, sporty, colorful, and formal.

I hope you enjoyed my top three pick of designer shoes. I just love shoes that I consider them as my babies, and I, as their dad.

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